Speaker wants you to contribute to Parliament deliberations

Malawi Parliament

Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya has told Malawians to contribute to the proceedings of the August House through their Members of Parliament (MPs).

In a post on Facebook, Msowoya has asked Malawians to be key players as their legislators are discussing matters of national importance in the August House.

“My humble request and plea to you all is that you should follow the proceedings to stay informed, to learn, to contribute and to actively participate in the governance of our lovely country, Malawi,” Msowoya said.

“Please, take time to engage your MPs, share your suggestions, views, recommendations and ideas on issues that will be discussed and on those which you want them to table on Thursdays,” Msowoya pleaded with Malawians.

On Thursdays, MPs table private members bills – an opportunity which they can use to propose legislation on issues that are important to their constituents.

The speaker said the day belongs to Malawians since they can tell their MPs what to table.

“Make the most of the Thursdays. Together, let us make Parliament work for Malawi. Remember that Malawi Parliament can only deliver if you play a part,” said Msowoya.

The 2017/2018 session was officially launched by President Peter Mutharika on Friday last week.

In his remarks during the opening ceremony, Mutharika said the economy of the country is returning on the wheels of recovery despite drought that hit the country in the past two years.

“Mr Speaker Sir, I can see that the economy is returning on the wheels of recovery. I am determined to ensure that our economy grows and it will. World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreed that we are on the right path,” Mutharika said.



  1. They shd also look on the gap btwn the rich and the poor and re introduce the MYP bases to reduce unemployment rate in our country

  2. I wish the MPs shd settle on minimum wage for the lower grades, free ACB, stop MBC to be used as a mouth piece for the rulling party and federal system of gvt

  3. Mbc a bunch of f……………..ng twats, how can they disrupt opp leaders’ speech in parliamemt. Am not a politician neither do i think political, am a teacher i like listening to speeches gud for I n I. Bash dem shit

    1. Doesn’t @all sound like from a Teacher but I guess these are the type that make this chaotic World.

  4. How can we contribute through our member of Parliament of which we dont know where to get him.
    He will visit our constituency in 2019 to plead for votes.
    Malawians we are now used to be taken as fool’s by these self centered MPs.
    But for how long?

  5. Most of MPs do not listen to people’s grievances.They are in the house only to satisfy there needs not ours

  6. Mp aliyense azibwela ndi maminutes a misonkhano ya kudela kwake with signatures kusonyeza kuti anakawafunsa anthu nzeru before the Parliament sitting that’s part of accountability osati accountability pa ndalama basi ASA tatopa ife ndikunamizidwa

  7. Discuss these important issues as soon as possible
    1. Sugar scarcity
    2.salary increaments
    3.deployment of nurses and trained teachers
    4.Accessibility of farm produce international markets e.g soya khobwe and nandolo
    Zimenezozo mukambilane with immediate effect!! Osakhala busy ndikukambilana zazitsiru chaponda ndi kamlepo!!!!!!l

  8. guyz, curriculum change without teachers’ orientation zikundiophya kobasi. ma CDSS muli mavuto moti maphunzilo athu zoti alongosoka ndi nthano. Chonde boma, lembani aphunzitsi aku secondary ngati tikufuna kukweza maphunzilo. izi nzapaground osati zamma pepala ai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. How on earth are we gonna contribute to that when our pot-bellied MPs don’t even know how to speak proper english let alone have any plan for their constituencies. We always put in power lunatics who have no agenda for this nation just their for their families. Its high time we ought to remove all useless junk in the parliament, MPs who are there for allowances alone. Warm heart of Africa my foot.

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