‘Stop bothering me!’ ex-Bushiri PRO fires at former master

Former PRO of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has written a scathing open letter to his former boss. The PRO, Kelvin Sulugwe, has posted his reaction to a number of accusations against him on his Facebook page. Malawi24 publishes the letter verbatim.

I have observed with great unease that of late, the man of God Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his media PR team have been trying so hard to paint a dark picture of myself and make me look bad to the public conclusion. I understand from experience that the man of God enjoys public sympathy and applies every gambit to ‘be holier than though’ and make other people to be lesser people.

Using his major tool, the media, Nyassa tymes in particular Prophet Bushiri has tried harder to ridicule me and prove to his cognitive that I am expendable. This, he is achieving by putting it in the mind of people that I am bitter for being ‘fired’ and that whatever opinion I possess about him is out of sullenness. To diminish my wellbeing, he has as such, used statements such as these below:

“Since Bushiri hired Communications officer Ephraim Nyondo, a University of Malawi graduate and former Nation newspaper journalist, the tone from the prophet has been patriotic unlike in the past when his PR machinery was all out in confrontation with the leadership.” – Nyasatimes.

“For instance, says Bushiri, some in the team could not talk well with people, while others had issues with moral values and creating fake websites and stories against him aimed at soliciting funds from him in the name of reputation management,” – Nyasatimes

As you may recall, few weeks ago, the social media witnessed another sensitive decision by the man of God who instead of going to his altar to pray, wasted his precious time, looking for a very old photo about me and accompanied it with the caption ‘WARNING! WARNING! WARNING!’ The rest you know.

All this has been an attempt to make me a skeleton in the public’s cubby-hole and put me at a corner where everyone should think that I am bitter at him and that I was the brains behind his many numerous past mistakes. This is very ill-fated especially when I look at the brighter days we shared together and the distanced we covered as one.

I have been very silent on these matters and my silence has been felt by the media too. As you may have lately observed, I rarely stay on Facebook and I have never responded to his direct or indirect attacks on me. This is because I moved and adopted my new peaceful off the public life.

To the statements above, it is palpable enough that things are failing apart and he is trying to amend his relationship with the ruling machinery. That is a very welcome development, but my advice to the man of God is that he should do it in good faith, rather than riding on my back or putting me forth as a sacrifice.

In my statement after handing over everything in December, I put it forward to all that I know there are some decision that were seen to have been made by me. As a professional, I took responsibility and apologised to those I injured in my line of duty and asked for forgiveness. If the man of God feels he needs to iron out things with those he stepped his feet on, knowingly or unknowingly, he should swallow his pride and do the biblical way of reconciliation, rather than creating scapegoats for his own wrongs. It is immature, unholy and inexcusable.

History can never be erased. Kelvin Sulugwe never wrote an open letter to president Peter Mutharika and neither did he send warning shots to the president. Like I said, history can never be erased, but the future can be corrected. The same way you asked Professor Mutharika to stop using you as a shield, I am extending the same request to you, just that mine is not a warning, it’s a plea.

In the past, when Prophet Bushiri fired people, it would be those people (the fired ones) talking bad things about him and influence the public to think badly of him. Indeed the man of God never reacted or responded to any of them, but in my case, it seems he has taken an interest in trying hard to tarnish my image using his PR tool, Nyassa Tymes, which I understand has been on his payroll for the past three years. Why?

I am not asking a lot. I am simply saying, let me live my life and he lives his without each one of us trying to outshine one another or blame the other for past decisions. We shouldn’t be like a bad carpenter who later blames his tools for a job that is poorly done. Again, it is immature, unholy and inexcusable.

What message are you sending to the people working for you now and those who admire to work for you some day? I am not an enemy; I am simply a former employee who did his part. Don’t compare me with the new people or use me to gain public sympathy or get to people you despised. Be a man by accepting responsibility and adopt change. And let’s not duel on the past by exposing who did what wrongs blah blah blah. I moved on. You should too.

Disclaimer: I know this may not go down well with some people, especially followers. I understand I trained you to protect your Papa, that’s why I wish to appeal to your conscious to apply reason on this. Otherwise, insults, judgements and threats will simply expose your intellectual as well as spiritual ruin.



  1. Let us be careful in our judgement against the servants of God. Why don’t we learn from David who before was hunted by king Saul in order to be killed, but he had never spoken any thing bad against Saul, He respected him as a King of Israel as well as an anointed one. David did not accuse him of anything, until the death of King Saul, still David regarded him as a man of God (the anointed one). Let us remember that Yeshua (Jesus) gave us talent, He’s made others to be prophets, teachers, apostles, evangelists, and Shepherd, and all these talents make up the body of Christ. Humbly, I pray that, everyone should respect another man’s ministry.
    Be blessed all
    Tod ah

  2. Malawians dont be ignorant, feed on Gods word and u ll never be decieved. A true prophet u shall know him by his fruits nt by miracles nor the wealth that he has aquired.

  3. I Beg U Pliz Listen To This:When Bushiri Preaches The Word Does He Destroy You Or Build You Up??(mark9:38). Does He Preaches A Different Christ?? What Is Strange Abt Wealth? Have U Never Heard Of Job,Abram,joseph And Many Others Which God Blessed Them With Wealth?What Profit Can I Gain From Struggling With Man Who Work For God?.Abale Lets Mind Our Own Bussines,never Mind Abt Pples Businesses,u Will Profit Nothing But Bitterness(1Thess.4:11).But Know This, Every Good Gift & Every Perfect Present Comes From God(james1:17).We Are Not To Judge But Obey The Word Which Saves Us(james1:21,4:11),the Only Righteous Judge Is Abt To Appear,lets Be Careful Not To Refuse The One Who Speaks Heb.12:25).We Should Not Waste Time Struggling With Prophets,we Wil Find Ourselves Fighting With God Acts5:38,39).But Do NOT Praise Man Rather Praise God.If This Is Wrong,4give Me,wamisala Anayiwona Nkhondo!! Amen!!

  4. please be ready ma prophet awa aluchedwesani maremba akuti musapembedze munthu wina nawo azafuna chitetezero, musachedwe nawo awa musamutche munthu kuti man of God chomwe ndiziwa ine aneneri akare amayakhula ndi mulungu koma anu arerowa or amayakhula ndi njoka zawo zomwezo musapusisidwe thawi yatha akungofuna kukulimani akudyera mzina la mulungu koma muwafuse mbili zawo ali kutali ndi mulungu .

  5. False prophets will always do against the bible,Bushiri tells us to stop womanizing,smoking,taking alcohol,above all,dividing the word purely as it is written.He often conducts deliverance.and he rarely collects offerings.ARE SURE HE IS A FALSE?

  6. just khoozed* many of us stil misusing the Bible’ The same Bible is telling us “Take heed that no one deceives you. many ‘ll come in my Name(Jesus) but denied the power (False preachers) The same Bible is telling us to Honour the prophets of God based on conditions (1Thessalonians 5:20.) Take time before Judging servants of God” otherwise it’s gonna be a disaster. If you think that Bushiri is a false prophet then stop following him lather than misleading others’ test them all and hold on to what is good (1Thessalonians 5:21)

  7. Munthu akabweretsa nkhani ya negative mudzimufunsanso kuti tiuze the positive part of this bad person kupanda apo this post will be useless like any nursery school drawing cartoon

  8. Komanso inu a Malawi 24 mukuti shame on you,this Bushiri kachithunzi ka kale kale moti muli zithunzi za mmene alili panopa ?mumangobwereza za silungwe PALIBE zina za nzeru ifenso tachotsedwapo ntchito but we don’t black mail ex boss Boss or ex company if you don’t know the the other part of that Bushiri Google this 10 richest pastors in the world and tell Malawi aswell ,

  9. No matter how much you can persecute men of God I tell you Frankly speaking you will break unrepairable and that man Will Go up and never be reached even,yesani zina

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  11. Keep on praising ….aperson.. not God…achinyengo muzawaziwa zintchito zawo…ndipo as dey are preaching amatchula mozembazemba dzina la Mulungu….muzingomva…l prophesy…l see…something happening…oooo baabaaa…..off dey go….. Masiku omaliza… anthu azafuna chuma not Mulungu…mupeza ntchito,chuma,nyumba..etc

  12. A good example being STUPID in big letters Mr Kelvin

    Don’t disrespect the same hand put food on your table and the same man help helped to put you on the map

    He tolerated your unprofessional work you was doing

    If you respect Bushiri you could have call him and talk to him pvt’ly not standing on social media platform

    Over 20 pple got sacked with you they all have a better way of couping with their job loss,life goes on

    Mwana oyipa iwe kwambili, panga zako

  13. Hehehehe Major Major Major mmmm mwanayu mpatalifaz sigona kungomva dzinalikuyankhula muyankhule koma adzakalabe papasuccess ya Dad wa imakupatsani nkhani ku Malawi kuzolowe kut kulemera basi mkwa babahaaazukuvutan muyamba nazo tsempho devil sangatigonjetsenkondo sitimenya tokha mnchifukwa chake mbanja mwathu no stressndimadabwa mmayankhula ife matupi kufunenepa akufuna kuphulika ansanjenu mukungoonda

  14. Maganizo anga ndi akutiii…bwana Kelevini kalatayi mukanailemba mu Chichewa chifukwatu anthu sanamvetsetse chomwe mukutanthauza apa. Yachiwiri ikhale mu chichewa.

  15. The truth is about this,”every country in Africa they got a heart of jealous especially if they know you very your background?, So leave Bushiri alone and dont go and attended his services to avoid fighting and I recognized that some of u, you hate him bcoz God bless him lets wait for judgment day if he is cheating pple, because know him, and he black,he is a Malawian…. You’re a Malawian too hahaha,,,, if he was a white oooo nothing to say.

  16. God will be the 1 to judge us,if THIS so called man of God is of GOD THE CREATOR may The Good Lord Forgive us but if he is from underground he will be purnished for deceiving many souls.. n ppl worship the LORD your God,not this man. He might be worthy but is his heart righteous?? Ppl tend to forget that bushiri was created by God too, you start to worship him instead of God… I pray God reveals the truth so that all our eyes see the truth.

  17. Darkness hates the right and poverty hates the rich. I love major 1.

  18. People in Malawi believed to much in charm rather than God I have been In Malawi for business so many times but you Malawi you just complain about anger every news is about anger your songs its about problems because you are not believers why do you hate Bushiri ? Pray hard to God and believe your life will change amalawi Inu jealous why can’t you leave Bushiri alone any way sm Zambian I was born in Zambia even if my dad left this country Malawi because of jealous

    1. hey rubish speech ur father left this country cos of jelous ?are u trying to tell me dat in Zambia there is no jelous among people das no sense ,then y u can’t u go Whr ur father is

    2. Foolish do I stay in Malawi idiot goat you rubbish like the way look did I mention your foolishness here do I know your stinking mouth booshit

    3. And mind you especially you chawas you use charm to much you believe in charm Islams and I don’t know why are you respond to wen you are not my class

  19. If he is man of God wat about all of us ?? Stop call someone man of God cause all of us are men of God we are created by him this must stop wen we go there one day there is no difference we gonna see there everyone will be equal

    1. Ineso ndimadabwatu man of God ife ndi ndi man of ndani? And what if Bushiri is not working for God nde omutchula onse ndi omutsata mpka ena kumutenga ngt Yesu wawo kumubela Dzina ndi moto basi…

    2. Genesis 6 v 2 read there mr bushiri akuti ndi kuti ana amuna a Mulungu anayangana ana akazi a anthu kuti anali abwino so ife tonse pamenepo amuna tikuoneka kukhala ana a Mulungu kaya ndiwe bishop kaya gona ngati uli wa mmuna ndiwe mwana wa Mulungu osangopatula abusa okha ai akusiyana chani ndi iweyo abusawo

    3. Genesis 6 v 2 read there mr bushiri akuti ndi kuti ana amuna a Mulungu anayangana ana akazi a anthu kuti anali abwino so ife tonse pamenepo amuna tikuoneka kukhala ana a Mulungu kaya ndiwe bishop kaya gona ngati uli wa mmuna ndiwe mwana wa Mulungu osangopatula abusa okha ai akusiyana chani ndi iweyo abusawo

  20. It doesnt mata kuti ndi wamulungu kapena ayi wat mataz is that he preaches the words of God.and words of God is wat we r following.evn if ukhale wosatira mu tchalichi la bushiri or nor ndichimodzimodzi pot mulungu sadzaweludza kuchokera mutchalichi kapena zintchito za msogoleri wa tchalitch koma adzaweludza malinga ndi momwe wamvera mau ake ndi kuwagwiritsa tchito.enanu u says bushiri is fake do u think inu poti u dont attend his church ndinu olungama???kapena machalichi mumapitao atsogoleri ake mukuwadziwa?? In this life sitidziwa chamumtima wamwini so plzzz dont judge and som of u u dont evn kno the bible too well. Fight ur own battle

    1. kulibe prophet panopo Abwana asakunamizeni ,prophet wina aliyense wotumizidwa ndi mulungu amabwera ndi book lake ,nanga akuzitcha kuti ndi pro ali ndi bukhu lawo ?

      1. Muhammad umadziwa chiyani iwe poti waku ndi uja anadyedwa ndi agalu munyumba

    2. my friend you have talked th truth and only the truith, some born in order to destroy the biography of others, but we shal never stop following the words of God, even if it can come in a straight or wrong way, but should be the words of God we wil receiv it

  21. Khani zopusa umauzanso anthu opusa kapeze owauza zakozo ife tikuziwa kale kuti Bushiri anakhalapo osauka nde iwe ukuti chani. Apa kulimbana ndi munthu oti zake zinaera kale kale ndichimodzimodzi kuzitemberere wekha komanso kuzichepetsela mwai wako….ufufuze bwino kuti kodi iye kuti achite bwino analimbana ndi anthu ochita bwino kapena amkangopemphera kuti Mulungu amuchitire Chifundo….kupusa muuzane

  22. He can be used because Bushiri was a guest of honour on Friday, now they want to tarnish his name, Bushiri is one of successful few young men in the region, that ex worker should find something to do in his life and move on just like Chapondachimanga, ex is bitter, he is very well known and respected guy, maybe somebody gave you brown envelop to write rubbish, Bushiri has no term or deadline like those elected leaders

    1. The problem is you don’t know what do they mean when they say a man of God. Ask around they will tell you.

  23. Kelvin anyone reading your public rant wonders how Major1 hired a PRO whose writing is fraught with grammatical errors and dodgy spelling of simple run-of-the-mill English words. Your job description as Head of PRO includes discretion, a code true professionals live by in your industry. Your public spew pisses all over the sacrosanct code. Insinuations about Major1 using your name to extend an olive branch to the government of Malawi are mere hearsay. Your denial of having crafted public letters in the past is undermined by this very open letter designed to solicit empathy and sympathy on your part. If you feel urge to write anything, address it to Major1 and take it off the public platform sir. Good luck in your new “peaceful” endeavors, use spell check often and assign every article you have composed to a proof-reader for quality assurance. God bless you

  24. I love this prophet can wait to travel as an lnternational visitor

      1. Don’t be foolish, are telling me that, men of God are not allowed to do business

      1. Prosperity is in the name of Jesus Christ bro. The whole bible is full of rich people what are talking about. Abraham, job, kingsolom, kingdavide, Joseph Isaac, Jacob are these people were poor. Including Jesus himself, he died on the cross to take away all your problems. Poverty is demonic young man in spirit.

    1. Ismael then u hv a choice it’s not like u r forced to follow prophets.if u Dnt blv in them that’s right for u and no one can blame you and leave those who follows them as well as it is their choice.

    2. Adam,Abraham,Ismael,Moses to the last one.After that there isn’t any prophet of God.Books were revealed to the prophets of God.which indication in the bibble indicates Bushiri is a Prophet or Joshua is a prophet?

  25. This person has done a lot of bad things using Papas profile, he even gave me the Acc . no of an orphanage in Nigeria pretending to be Major 1. Utsi siufuka popanda moto. I advise him to repent to what he was doing dubing people through fb. It is never too late Major 1 and his God will forgive him.

      1. Pangani chisinga, which bible do you read, Jesus has got a lot of names e.g. Jesus, Emmanuel, prince of peace and many more. Pls read your bible properly.

    1. koma ndie omunyoza Bushil anyela mnchenga mwamva? iyeeeeeeeeeee! omunyoza Bushil akunkha ndinkhwapa zomwe kusowa yogula loloni kkkkkkk shaaaa koma malawi umphawi tizafa nao kamba kansanje kaduka

    2. #magalasi amalawife yakula ndinsanje ….nzathu zikangoyamba kumuyendela zokamba pwilikiti eeeeeee kodi mmene amavutika muja munali kuti?

  26. Plz men of God settle this peacefully. This verbal tired will only serve to turnish Gods image. To him be the glory and honour

    1. Instead of dying with jésus christ you will die with bushiri kkkkkk
      Mwangokula mutu nzeru ulibe
      Ur a good example of a field mouse

  27. Who are we to judge Man Of God.the bible warns us not to speak ill about God ‘s prophets.Have we ever been in Heaven to judge who is really from God or not.NO!!!!!!! May God continue to give us enough Grace so we could appreciate what is inside Man of God prophet Shephered bushiri.POWER!!!!!!

    1. The righteous people shall judge the world but can judge by scripture bcos the bible says we have to taste the spirit. So a person can be miracle perfomer and popular but his work are not of God

    2. The righteous people shall judge the world but can judge by scripture bcos the bible says we have to taste the spirit. So a person can be miracle perfomer and popular but his work are not of God

    3. As you r pointing one fingure at My Major prophet see how many are pointing at yourself.May God open your spiritual eyes

    4. Yes God must open your spiritual eyes bcos i dont taste the spirit first not just follow. I respect servant’s of God who carry fire and powerful word of kingdom of God because he can lead us to the promised land(heaven) not just having wealthy

    5. Malawians will die with envy for gud.even if he is a fake prophet then what is your concern ?I bet you are also a sinner mphatso mcloud so your sins doesn’t make u better

    6. I follow the footsteps of Jésus christ not footsteps of a man,never in this life
      Jésus has only 1 name,despite Him being a son Of God
      But this man,alot of names why?

    7. Panganani even if you claim to follow the footsteps of Jesus that doesn’t make you a saint ..the truth is that you are a sinner as well..remember we are living in a democratic world ..everyone is entitled to his choices and opinions so don’t infringe on other people’s choices.

  28. Koma andalama ena mchifukwa chiani samatsungula ? Kungochotsa dzinalo siungamuganiziretu kuti ndi Billionaire munthu wankuluyu kkkk musandiyankhe pliz zolongolora ine ayi ndangodutsamo therere mutchola nokha

  29. How can the disciples fight among themselves ….Ooooh Lord have mercy upon this perilous world …We need spiritual eyes Father.

    1. Is bushiri only a man of God&not kelvin?not ur husband?
      We are men of God,not only 1 man,we are all equal before the hands of God,nobody is holy in the handisport of God

    2. Understand the comment b4 commenting @pangani.is there anything bad about Kelvin? I mean in my comment? Why should we talk of all Men yet the issue here is straight forward (between Bushiri and kelvin )?is my husband taking part in this story? Hahahaha! I think you have a problem.

  30. Yes he Will remaim our papa very handsom. Intelligent Mmmm am not able to finish muzimangirira mukalimbana ndi man of God palibe kusintha in our family we dont stress we relux coz God is in control

    1. Those who follow Bushiri( including this u Manyera) are fortune seekers, u are only looking 4 milacle money not salvation. Please i beg u please ask JESUS for salvation and call Jesus ur Papa because on the last dy all of us including Bushiri shall stand before the living God.

    1. I think u have missed the substance in the passage. Its not about how successful the Bushiri is but its the debate which exists between the two.That’s what normally happens when a person worship man not God.

    1. Peter Frank Malungo Makamo…..the question that uneed to ask urself z this……to who were those words being referred to….was it to the disciples of jesus or prophets?…coz if acan take u back….read the whole mark chapter 16v1-20….to understand it better….coz that tym it was the time wen jesus has resurrected n he was nolonger in the tomb….wile in mathews it was the time wen jesus was about to leave this earth warning his disciples n apostoles about the upcoming prophets who will rise when his gone….so its not amatter of competing verses its about understanding these verses….when they were said…..to whom were said and at what occation were they said….and seee that we are in last days….so watch out..

    2. Chiundah Frankly av read ur verse ….and it states clearly about many uprising false prophets and anti christ who will deceive many even the elect(chosen ones by God)….but do not listern to them…..thanks broh chiundah frankly

    3. Read those verses above….aguess you will find right answers…..for your questions….read mathews 7v15-26 ….n mathews 24v24….the bible z so clear.

    4. Aknow false prophets cause atake my time to read bible by maself…..am not just satisfied with miracles of healing or what n what….am satisfied when find out the truth in the book of life….the holy….adont wana just b healed physicaly….awana heal my soul for the judgement day z so close…

    5. Pamela I don’t hv a bible brother….you made your choice not to follow prophets and I respect that fully.i don’t think their is anyone who can blame you for that. But how is it a problem if others chose to follow them?why you bonafide Christians hv to infringe on their choices? Let them do and only God himself with his righteousness will judge?

    6. Am there is abig different between judging…..and helping one another in clarification on some verses that can help us see thrue the words of God….and what they realy mean about the last days…..so that many shouldnt astray

    7. Pamela I don’t need a bible really .only that I hate when Christians think they are saints while they are not.they stink their noses too much in other pipo ‘ s business and forgetting themselves in the process.the same bible you are quoting says that there is no one who is righteous before God and if u say that u don’t sin then u r lying and there is no truth in you.so hw come u focus much on one man’s sin ?cling on what u believe in and God will judge u on that and let others cling on what they hv and God will judge them accordingly. And don’t tell me kuti I jst follow muchimbuli mbuli jst bcz my choice is different from that of yours.or you are telling me that only those who shares the same faith with you are the ones that know better?be tolerant as a Christian

    8. Am not saying am saint ….am just saying exactly what is written in the bible…so just stop the argument coz if ucant cross check wat am trying to say according to the verses den its an empty argument….you are just arguing based on assumptions and mare opions…..dats wy you feel lyk am judging or seeing maself as asaint..

    9. Am not focusing on one man sin…..am just saying what the bible says about prophets that will uprise in the last days….and adont think you will ever find any prophets teaching about these verses….so if u hate it just hate it…..but ucant stop me …..share what av discovered in the bible.

    10. If you are not a saint then why waste your precious time calling others fake prophets?if u sin then he sins too so that doesn’t make any of you better than the other.dont be a hypocrite walk the talk.practice what u are preaching

    11. Timmy mtenje….there z abig different between walking the talk and being saint……we all strive to live rightious life….but by walking the talk is by doing exactly wat it is return in the book of life…….ashared already what av discovered in the bible…..there above are the verses ashared from the bible for reference …….and adont think ur argument is based on finding the truth…..or wanting to understand and reach acompromise….but ur arguiment z just there for the sake of arguing….and am not forcing u to read or stop following prophets….all awant z to share word of God….on certain things that are not discuss or shared…..after seeing its then for every individual to make their own desions whether to follow what an individual claims who to be in sheep cloths or what the bible says on last days uprising prophets…..wakusina khutu ndi mnasi….timkanena adakathira msizi….zengerexu adalinda kwawokwawo…….and alwys remember as long as we are still on this world….we all sinners but that doesnt stop us to do whats right in the eyes of God…..and say the whole truth the way it is written the bible about the last days prophets…….

    12. N for ur point of imformation…..am not the one who he saying be ware of fake prophets who came in sheep clothing……who will do great wonders ….cast out demons……and perfom many more miracles……please do not listern to them for i the Lord av not sent them…..even though they will perform many miracles n cast out demon…..using my name….but i have not send them…….not all who say Lord Lord shall enter the kingdom of God……so Timmy Mtenje Junior…..am not the one saying these words……it was jesus christ himself..so hate it ….but thats what it written

    13. Glad u hv said we are all sinners no one is perfect with that I close the conversation. There is nothing to be justified since we are all sinners .nobody is a saint. Stay blessed

    14. You glad neee…..coz u wanted to hear wat ur hearted wanted to hear…..pathetic…..we are sinners but wecant keepon sinning coz ov dat….we need to strive to be saved by the end ov this world…..n never let us be deceived by any one who claims she or he was sent

    1. Nsanjama, u prophet ochita kuima nawo pachulu nkumanyoza anzanu kuti sangawerenge Bible ndi inu ndi wa Mulungu omwewu kapena wa Abala?

    2. Hahaha koma adhaa junior prophet mwano wakewo..ma comments a ana a papa basop ena kutukwana pompo..akumawaphunzitsa kutukwana ku church ko?? Lord help us

    1. Media propaganda. Even kelvin must be sucking himself .he thought he would be on bushiri ‘s payroll for life?let him live his life minus major 1

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