We know nothing about Kamlepo’s missing – Police


The Malawi police have downplayed reports that they are keeping Rumphi East legislator Kamlepo Kalua following seizure of his cars by the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA).

The sentiments follow reports by Kalua’s family members that they last set their eyes on him last week after seizure of the two vehicles.

This led to social media speculations that Kalua is in custody at the police headquarters in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe.


Kalua has reportedly gone missing.

However, the police have downplayed reports that they are keeping in custody the legislator arguing that he is not on their wanted list.

Malawi police national spokesperson James Kadadzera has since urged Kalua “to come out” from his hiding place.

“If it is true that he is missing family members should report to the police and inform the police officers, what I can say is that we are not keeping him, if we need any suspect we let the nation know,” said Kadadzera.

Police together with MRA officials invaded Kalua’s house in search of Land cruiser registration number KA 8966 and Mercedes Benz registration RU 5437 that were suspected to have not been paid duty for.

Later the high court in Blantyre found the two cars in question to have been bought using proper procedures since Kalua as a legislator is allowed to buy a maximum of two vehicles without paying duty.



  1. Ps DPP pple and yr shallow minded police officers release KAMLEPO as soon as u can.KODI anthu ama region enawa tidakwilani chiyani akumpoto?CHONDE mutikhululukire.

  2. gaga iweo amako ali ndi machende ndiwe galu eti chisiru kamulep ndi balewako galu wachabe chabe iwe ulindi chani mbudzi ngati iwe

  3. DPP is afraid of political messaic role Kamlepo plays in Malawi. Kamlepo is a redeemer. He is a hero. His legacy shall live on. A man who sacrifices his life for common good of a poor Malawian. He deserves a standing ovation immediately he shows up in parliament, that is if he is alive. If he is dead, I will not accept the police to conduct a 21gun salute on his funeral ceremony. M’phoka mumamudziwa bo-bo inu? Try it and you wont do it again.

  4. You broke into his and now you say you don’t know where he is. That’s ridiculous. Where are u keeping him? Let’s hope you dint kill him like Gadama and Sangala.

  5. why bothering with the man are we sure he is in the hands of police?I doubt may be he is doing it tu buy public sympathy & tu my surprise many people r commenting as if they’ve seen him in custody this is a fallacy of generalizasion what a shame?lets talk about other things what is special with this man who not willing to pay tax lets be patriotic!!!!

  6. guys, mbolo za mai anu mwamva? do u knw who z kamlepo? iweo kt upeze ntendele its bcoz HE (among others) fought for it, dpp wth mpanda mano wanuo munali kt?

    • none of the politicians fought for the freedom of this country apart from the catholic bishops thats what u must know.But why hv u posted the absn language like that?zinthu zachabe zisatitengere kuchionongeko.May the glory of lord guide u

  7. Kamlepo will showup when Parliament opens cos he can not afford to looseout on the easy money he earns.

  8. We are missing this man.He is more valued to we that loves him.He really has a great concern for this country than many greedy polititians.I personally miss him so much.A better explaination could free our minds.

  9. Vuto la apolisi akugwira ntchito yothandizira kachipani ka dpp. Lero mukukana za kamlepo koma muyalukabe. Bola musamuthimise. Paja mumadana ndi munthu oulula za katangale yemwe akuchitika ndi boma la dpp

  10. DPP Idapha chasowa adalephela kudya nyama yake akt analibe mafuta,adapha njouju akt nyama yake inali yokhwina imakanika kudya.nde mwaona kt kaluwa tisakaike kumanda mupanga chiwamba? ADPP MUPHA ANTHU ANGATI

  11. stupid government busy hunting innocent pipo while big evil criminals mukungowaona y can’t u look into things which matter in this country other than kumalimbana ndi timagalimoto tiwirito go out there n deal with real criminals stupid cawards

  12. So why don’t they find him or look for him …….why are they so short sighted to recall how bad it is for the state arms to be used as political tools they do the same thing over n over again. Dark forces.

  13. Thawi zina timaganiza zithuzi ndizazing’ono koma the end tizayamba kulila ndife ndale za Ku Malawi ndi zakupha MCP UDF DPP zigawenga

    • Iwe osanena choncho sangasowe kulipo kumene alikomanso palibe amene angayambise nkhondo muno Mmalawi.Nkhondo inalephereka nthawi ija ya Operation bwezani zida.Kungpodutsa pompaja basi tikupitaku palibe zankhondo tseka pakamwa.Angayambe kukusaka mpaka atakupeza ndithu tangocomenta mwabwinobwino basi.Alipo Kamulepo angamuphe ndani

    • nkhondo? choyambitsa nkhondo chikhala chiyani? umangova nkhondo eti? ndie oyamba kufa utha kukhala iweyotu.maiko ena nkhondo ikumayamba ndi zifukwa zenizeni.

    • A Munlo, awa ndiye mau ochokera kwa munthu amene wabadwa mpaka kukula osaona mabvuto. Tangopitani pa Mozambique pompa kuti mukawone kuti Nkhondo yeniyeni ndi chiyani.

  14. Mutayeni ameneyu wat he deserve…

    If u rember adazakambaposo mu nthawi ya Atcheya kuti azalowa mtchire…apapa wadya chambiri walowano

  15. That is the problem when police,ACB, army are used in politics. These are results. Few days ago they went to his house for tax. Now they don’t know. If I say democracy is just word I am sure you will agree

  16. Agalu osaka tulutsani our Mr voice of voiceless people, kumbukilani tchitu yanu ya police is permanent pomwe bwapini ndi DPP has 19 month left mwina can win or lose, 2019 or 2024 sipatali muzathotholedwatu

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