We don’t know why DPP is targeting us – Uladi Mussa


Acting president for the People’s Party (PP), Uladi Mussa, has asked the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to explain why it is targeting his party.

Mussa is demanding the explanation from DPP following recent incidents such as arrest of former President Joyce Banda’s sister Cecelia Kumpukwe and a PP member, Stella Assani.

The two are on court bail waiting for the commencement of their trial in which they are being suspected of writing a fake resignation letter for the country’s vice president, Saulos Chilima.

Uladi Mussa

Uladi Mussa says the DPP is haunting the PP.

“Kumpukwe has never served as a party official, they are only arresting PP members, and they arrested me claiming that I approved the passports which is the duty for the Minister of Home Affairs. They also went to search at the house of our member, Kamlepo Kalua,” he said.

On Kalua’s case, Mussa was referring to last week’s incident whereby Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) in the company of heavily armed police officers went to the Rumphi East parliamentarian’s house in Blantyre and seized his two vehicles.

MRA claims the said vehicles were brought into this country without Kalua paying custom duty though Kalua defended himself saying he used his rights as a legislator to import two vehicles without paying the tax.

Mussa has said he is wondering why the laws are only being used against members of opposition though there is enough evidence that some people from government side have cases to answer.

“They are only abusing those from opposition yet there is evidence that some people were found with huge amount of money in their houses but are not arrested,” he added.

Former Agriculture Minister George Chaponda, who is also a member of the ruling DPP, was found with millions in cash in his bedroom by the Anti- Corruption Bureau.

Chaponda was also implicated in a maize procurement scandal which led him to lose his ministerial post in President Peter Mutharika’s cabinet.



  1. Kkkk nkhonya yobwezela kuwawa Mwai wala zoti munamugonetsa pa cement peter ndi anzake nthawi munamutumidzila madotolo kuti akamubaye Jackson asakudwala ija ndye lero ndye zikukupweteka ? Umva m’bebe phwanga

  2. Go prove in court that you are innocent of what you are being accused of. And if you are indeed innocent, then let the law be unleashed on those that brought out such false accusations against you. Otherwise musatisokosepo apa!

  3. (how else can I open one’s mindset than sharing this information to the public…? If i read this article properly.. It highlights what is happening in this country since maybe 2009…! Things like thé #Bingu stadium… #parliament.. #BICC.. #Quata system.. Increanse public university intake…. #Tripertite élections… #Thé zéro déficit ` & #Zéro aid budget s … Thé #NCHE and acredetion given to private universities and colleges… Human resource developmental and self reliance )

    Malawi Vision 2020
    Posted by John Muhaise Bikalemesa
    i #GErshom Chirwa.. have taken this article on #google from.. #http://fortuneofafrica.com/malawi/2014/02/22/malawi-vision-2020/….
    today on 20 April 2017…

    Date: February 22, 2014
    in: profile

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    #Vision Statement

    “By the year 2020, Malawi as a God-fearing nation will be secure, democratically mature, environmentally sustainable, self reliant with equal opportunities for and active participation by all, having social services, vibrant cultural and religious values and being a technologically driven middle-income economy.”

    Objective of the Vision

    The main objective of Malawi’s Vision 2020 is to help the Government, private sector and the people of Malawi to embark on a development path that arises out of the consensus from the NLTPS process. The Vision provides the framework for national development goals and the policies and strategies to achieve them.

    Strategic Challenges for Malawi

    Based on the discussions held it was agreed that Malawians cannot achieve the proposed Vision unless they successfully make certain achievements. The issues raised were defined under the following sub topics;

    Good Governance
    Achieving Economic Growth and Development
    Achieving a Vibrant Culture
    Developing Economic Infrastructure
    Food Security and Nutrition
    Human Resource Development and Management
    Achieving Science and Technology-Led Development
    Fair and Equitable Distribution of Income
    Natural Resource and Environmental Management

  4. Palibe chomwe mungatiuze a PP munali m’boma momwemo munapanga chani?kuba ndalama za misonkho yathu basi nde pano zukuwawa chifukwa anzanu akulamulira,ng’oo!akukhaulitsani simunati

  5. A Mussa ,a cousan anu a mai Banda ndi a Kamlepo munkapanga zomwezi ndipo munkakodwera mukaona a nzanu a DPP akutengedwa ndi a police kupita nawo ku Kanengo.Munkachedwa ndi kuba ndalama za boma mmalo mothandiza anthu othodwa ndi osauka lero mukulira. Mukadakhala anzeru mukadafatsa kaye pa nthawi yomwe mudatenga boma mongogwirizira ndipo anthu akada kuikani mu boma . Zamanyazi ndithu kuti mukulira pomwe nokha mudalanditsa katundu opezapeza chifukwa chopepela.

  6. Mumati azichita target ndani? Bwanji inuyo simuchita target zipani zina other than DPP? Osalira, if you don’t want to be targeted, don’t target others. You could have been the last person to complain.

  7. Kkkk Mussah Don’t U Know It’s Just Becz U Stolen Money And Did Corruption Wen U Wz Minister Of Home Affairs And Internal Security So No Any Target.

  8. ULADI!!! Don’t forget that you was doing the same thing wen you was in UDF in the past years ago, so stop fingering others,,,it’s a continues pro….

  9. kkkkk anzako akulemera ndi ndale koma iwe ukulemera ndi akazi nawenso yakukwanira umve kuwawa ngati mmeene munkapangira anzanu pa dzana

  10. Hon. Uladi Mussa Malawi is retrogressing in every endeavour of life. Political leaders are infuriating hate among people. This will go a long way to the generations to come and this is not good for the country. Whenever elephants are fighting, the grass always suffer. What is expected of you Hon. Uladi Mussa is to go to the people and brief them on how to change the regime come 2019. DPP witch hunting will never be halted from the look of things. In coming months several of such will rock the country. But you politicians why do you go to church, mosque? Whom do you want to be fooling? God? Why are you so greedy and arrogant? Why can’t you think of the underprivileged? The opposition in Malawi is no exception. Opposition behaves in a provocative way. The conferences and meetings the opposition parties have been having ignited all this. Challenging the legitimate govt is cost effective. And the loser is an electorate in this case poor Malawians. You politicians have everything you need in life but you forget the poor Malawians. One day Malawians will teach you a lesson and you’ll not love them any more!!!

  11. Nthawi yomva zowawa yakukwanirani….munaseweretsa nthawi yanu anthu inu…zoona kulandidwa boma lotengatenga?munangogundika ndi kuba basi anzanu akupanga campaign

  12. It how they campaign. Instead of development they will use ACB, police, Army, NPA, MRA even prison official to tear apart every potential party. They can deny but their actions is telling us the way they are doing it

  13. If DPP cannot do what it does now then it will not be dpp , that’s what they do. Jessie Kabwita and others suffered the same later they failed to authenticate what was being insinuated. If D stands for Democratic, then it is misplaced.

  14. Muli ndiciani angakulonde ndani??? Anzako ndale zomwezi akulemela ana koma iwe olo kwanu wamanga nyumba yooneka panopa!!!! Fotsekkkj mitala mpaka 10

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