Crocodile kills teenage boy


A crocodile earlier this week killed a 14-year-old boy in Mangochi district.

Mangochi Police spokesperson Rodrick Maida identified the deceased as Edson Asima of Village Kambulire, Traditional Authority Chimwala in the district.

“The boy together with friends went for swimming in Lake Malombe at Kambulire Dock. As they were enjoying the swimming suddenly a hungry crocodile caught the deceased and went away with him into the deep waters,” said Maida.

Community members mobilised themselves for a search and the body was found with multiple wounds.

Postmortem conducted at Lukalanga Health facility revealed that death was due to suffocation and excessive loss of blood.

Meanwhile, police in the district are appealing to the general public to avoid swimming in crocodile infested waters.

Recently two people in the same district of Mangochi were also killed by crocodiles.



  1. The problen is not ready to learn a lesson that our town along waters is dangerous.And we witness these cases frequently but still risking life.Parents r to blame for not taking time guarding their kids.These cases r common and we need to guard ourselves along waters. RIP

  2. The young boy was a moving object in crocodile territory what is called provoke. Don’t swim in our rivers dams and lakes they are not well secured.