Kumpalume advocates for toilet use


Minister of Health Peter Kumpalume has asked people in Chikhwawa to continue using toilets as a way of preventing cholera outbreak in the district.

Kumpalume made the statement when he visited the district recently.

He started by congratulating people in the district for building more toilets and using them.

Peter Kumpalume

Peter Kumpalume: Cholera could be a story of the past.

“I am very proud that people here in Chikhwawa are aware of the importance of building toilets and how to avoid cholera,” he said.

However, the minister expressed worry over some Mozambican citizens who are seeking medical assistance in the country’s hospitals.

He said government will do all it can to make sure that Mozambicans are not storming the country’s health facilities.

Kumpalume further asked the communities to keep on living in a good and hygienic environment to avoid cholera outbreak.

According to the minister, currently 94 percent of people in the district have proper latrines which he said is a good development.


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