Economic expert welcomes move to regulate mobile phone tariffs


Though Malawi has a liberalized economy, the country’s decision to regulate mobile phone charges through Malawi Communication Regulatory Authority (MACRA) has been described to be positive as citizens are to benefit.

Earlier last week, MACRA announced plans to have tariffs set by telecommunication firms regulated as a way of ensuring customers are not ripped-off.

The development witnessed criticism by one of the country’s mobile operator Access Malawi who through its Chief Executive Officer Faizal Okhai argued that regulating will negatively affect small telecommunication companies in the country.

Okhai added that the decision was not falling in line with the economic setup of Malawi as the country adopted a liberalized economy.

Joshua Mbewe
Mbewe : This was long overdue.

However a local economic expert Joshua Mbewe through an interview with Malawi24 has claimed that the move is of great importance to the nation.

“Though Malawi is a liberalized economy, government has a responsibility of protecting the citizens on any business violation. When people pay more on something which can be fairly purchased it is not good for the economy.

“If MACRA regulates the telecommunication sector on tariffs it is a plus for the business people, it means cost on communication will be reasonable and firms will be able to maximise profits. It is also good for the prospective investors. This is another gain on Malawi’s investment climate,” said Mbewe.

Malawi’s telecommunication tariffs are reported to be expensive with services that are constantly interrupted.