Kaliati irked by nude photo on WhatsApp group


Minister of Civic Education and Community Development Patricia Kaliati has blasted a Mulanje district council official for posting a nude picture on the council’s WhatsApp group of which she is a member.

Kaliati who is also a Parliamentarian for Mulanje Central has warned the official to stop the malpractice and be sharing on the group things that are of importance to Mulanje district because the group was not created for such items.

Kaliati: Spits fire!

“You didn’t create this forum so that you should be posting these nude pictures. Are you not having programs under police, education, environment even energy, don’t you have those programs? That you can be discussing?” Kaliati queried.

The minister warned the man not to take women for granted and to behave by not regarding all women as fools because he slept with one woman at the council.

“I mean you don’t have programs that you can post on this forum that you should be taking us (women) for granted? You mean if you sleep with one person at the assembly then you have slept with all women? Let me ask the District Commissioner (DC) to work on this,” Kaliati said.

“You keep posting pictures of nude women, where have you seen us posting pictures of nude men? You think you are clever? If you play around with women in your homes, you think you play with all women? You need to stop this with immediate effect,” she warned.

The official has also been reminded to respect female chiefs whom he works with in the district.

“You work with chiefs are you insinuating that you have slept with all female chiefs who are here that you can play around on this forum? Stop taking us for granted. We are neither your girlfriends nor your wives,” Kaliati said.

She later told the district assembly official to be taking pictures of his wife and play around with them in his phone.

“If you want you can take a picture of your wife, put it in the phone and keep on looking at those. This is serious. Stop playing with women,” Kaliati stressed.


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