APAM to intensify awareness campaigns


Association of People Living with Albinism (APAM) says it has intensified awareness campaigns aimed at reducing cases of attacks against people with albinism in the country.

Speaking with Malawi24 on Thursday, APAM chairperson Overtone Kondowe said the association is doing all it can to combat the cases.

Albinos are still targeted in Malawi..(Google images)

According to Kondowe, they have currently established awareness campaign projects in 11 districts across the country.

“We have started with Machinga district considering the increase of cases in the district.

“We are also conducting programmes on radios like Zodiak and Televisions to ensure that people are imparted with the knowledge,” said Kondowe.

Kondowe further said that they are doing all this to end the myth that body parts of people with albinism can bring luck.

He thereafter explained that in other countries people with albinism are treated with love in terms of positions in working place.

Kondowe gave an example of Kenya where people with albinism are in higher positions like judges as well as in Tanzania yet here degree holders are struggling to find a job.

Meanwhile, APAM has asked people in the country to join hands with the organisation to end attacks on people with albinism.

Malawi continues to register attacks against people with albinism. The attackers usually want body parts of people with albinism, due to the misconception that their bones bring good luck.