South Africa based musician join hands to promote Malawian music

Blessed Chingamba

As some Malawian musicians are struggling to make a living through music in the country, other Malawians are joining hands to promote each other outside the country.

After having interviews with several artists both urban, local, gospel and secular musicians in the country, this publication found that most artists complain about lack of support.

As the situation is like this in the country, Malawian musicians based in South Africa are busy supporting each other to promote Malawian music across Africa.

In an interview with Malawi24, one of the Malawian gospel musicians Blessed Ching’amba based in South Africa told this publication that Malawian musicians in South Africa have engaged themselves in promoting local talent by organising shows across Johannesburg and other cities.

Blessed Chingamba
Blessed Ching’amba: We need concerted efforts.

She said the initiative was started by her husband Ralph Ching’amba of Ralph Records in South Africa where there is a group of artists working together with Peace Band organising live performances in different areas where most Malawians live as one method of promoting their talent.

“We organise shows for different Malawian artists here by supporting them with funds during CD and DVD launches here and also performing in different churches,” said Ching’amba.

She added that there is a great relationship between artists which is making it easier for them to help each other.

“We sell advanced tickets to people as another way of publicising the shows of which we have seen progress in just a short period of time,” she said.

The musician also revealed that in April she will launch a new album titled Chikondi Chanu which has been produced by Ralph Ching’amba.

Some of the songs in the album are Zakeyu, Kulibe, and Nyimbo ya Tsopano.

Speaking on the challenges they are facing, she talked of lack of support from the media to help them in promoting their music of which they believe one day they will have a breakthrough.

Talking of the future, she said she is planning to open a music school in Malawi where she aims to bring out hidden talent in Malawi.



  1. Like Sunganani Navindiyo in Cape Town! You can’t beleive that he’s from Malawi. He does a duo with his fella and they are so stunning! Not “mudikile kaye ndikukamenya kolabo ndi nzanga wa satanic kunja”….lol!

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