Youth group inspires Mvera learners

Network for Youth Development (NFYD) on Wednesday conducted a motivational talk at Mvera Primary School in Dowa district.

Writing on their Facebook page, the team said that the whole purpose was to encourage learners, more especially girls, to be serious with their education despite the stumbling blocks they might face on their way.

According to the team, they talked on the importance of education as a contributing factor to national development.

The kids were also made aware of the different forms of abuses; physical, emotional and sexual that girls may encounter as they are transitioning to adulthood.

“Girls were encouraged to have an open mind, create an open environment with their parents or guardians and teachers to report any abuse they encounter while at school or in their respective homes communities,” said the organisation.

The team also did a short play to clarify more on how the learners can know that they are being abused and what they need to do when they encounter abuse cases for example being raped or bullied.

The activity organised under the sustainable agriculture lead farmer program that NFYD in partnership with other organisations is currently implementing.

This was facilitated by Action for Youth in Sustainable Environment and Empowerment (AYESE) team (a youth
exchange program that is being run by Network for Youth Development in partnership with MyAge Zimbabwe Trust).


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