TEVET champions #MakeMalawiGreenAgain


As various stakeholders are vowing to make Malawi green again, the Technical Entrepreneurial and Vocational Education and Training (TEVET) Authority engaged Blantyre Synod Youth Development in planting 2000 tree seedlings at Ulongwe hill in Mulanje district.

In his remarks the during the planting session Mulanje District Commissioner Reinhard Chavula who was also the guest of honour hailed TEVET for the effort in making the hill green again and vowed to take very good care of them.

An official planting a tree

Chavula said that Mulanje as a district will make sure that the trees are protected from all possible damages like bush fires.

“We will liaise with the forestry department to assist in managing fire breaks around this area,” Chavula promised.

Speaking at the same function the TEVET Head of Administration Ted Chanza applauded the partnership and emphasized the need for their involvement in the tree planting exercise.

“Most of our skilled youths including members of Blantyre Synod use trees as raw materials for some of their vocational work and we find it necessary to replenish the depleted trees for the benefit of our skilled youths as well as the community,” Chanza said.

Reverend Dennis Mulele who is Blantyre Synod Youth Director said that the union is beneficial to many youth in the church.

Reverend Mulele said that the exercise is in line with the programmes of the Youth Department of Blantyre Synod where they focus on issues to do with natural resources rehabilitation and climate change.

Mulele added that the coming in of TEVET is a blessing considering that most the youths in the church also attends entrepreneurial and vocational education with the the institution.

Mulele also vowed to take very good care of the trees to curb the effects of climate change.

“Mechanisms are in place to plant more and take good care of the planted trees. The involvement of school going youths and community members is a plus in terms of caring for the planted trees.” He said.

“Moreover, Mulanje Mission has capacity to engage extra gear for the trees to survive,” Rev Mulele added.

TEVET has already planted thousands of trees in the northern, central and now southern region and is set to plant one million trees in various parts of the country during this year’s tree planting season.



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