Chaos in Malawi Parliament : MPs angry over Mutharika’s decision to reinstate Chaponda as leader


Disagreements have emerged in parliament over President Peter Mutharika’s decision to reinstate Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development Dr. George Chaponda as leader of the house.

President Mutharika last week appointed Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Kondwani Nankhumwa as leader of the house replacing Chaponda who was suspended by the court over his involvement in the Zambia maize-gate scandal.

On Friday, the Supreme Court of Appeal vacated an injunction restraining Chaponda from discharging his duties

Chaponda George

Chaponda reinstated as leader of Parliament.

After announcing the reinstatement of Chaponda in the August House, opposition MPs stood up protesting the announcement.

Standing on point of order, Opposition Peoples Party (PP) Interim Leader Uladi Mussa questioned Mutharika’s decision to reinstate Chaponda.

Mussa said it is sad that President Mutharika is failing to act on the recommendations by the commission of inquiry led by retired Chief Justice Anastanzia Msosa.

Concurring with Mussa’s remarks, Malawi Congress Party(MCP) Member of Parliament for Lilongwe Msozi South Vitus Dzoole Mwale declared the conduct as an unconstitutional.

Mwale said Chaponda is not supposed to hold the National Assembly leadership.

Meanwhile,Speaker of the National Assembly will today(Tuesday) expected to rule out if the whether the embattled Agriculture Minister,Dr George Chaponda,continues to serve as Leader of the House.



  1. Kkkkk Mr president Mind you, you are running a Democratic Republic Nation. Not a Kingdom. You reinstate you fell corrupt friend and tighten ur inmates. Soon just after next year you and your DPP will pack and vanish into the thin AIR. Issues of national interest should be solved with statesmanship not cordially… Learn be time is not on ur. Side.

  2. A Malawi ambiri ngopepera muli busy kuikira kumbuyo president wanu osunga nduna zakubazi.Iyeyo kwao akudya zabwino Ali ndi pokhala pabwino inu mukuvutika ndi njala plus flooding a Malawi siyani kugona tulo for how long will these politicians use and abuse you.please change your attitude otherwise our country shall always remain in poverty. Even if you defend the APM what will you gain

  3. This is so sad to see this happening in front of our naked eyes.
    This Chaponda is a really thief and additional to that is a person that makes our country corrupted.
    Surprisingly the same naked ears of ours listening to a big fish telling the nation that the greedy thief has been re inserted.
    Why? Why?
    Lets take a good example of our own citizens to expel this thief. Though tries to show his innocence but there is a big gun under his pants to shoot who so ever tries to expel him and this gun that is his boss.
    We are watching our own country sinking like a boat, guess who is making to do so? Chaponda and Peter.
    Now got a better way of deleting the evidence by burning his own office, that is a speak of a huge shark..

  4. Leader of Government Business in the house according to the Party that is in government and the President Prof. APM who is not a Rumour Monger is Dr. George Chaponda. PERIOD! When have MPs started running the affairs of DPP? One day they will choose who should stand on DPP ticket coz Leader of Government is not Leader of Opposition!

  5. Many people are surfing from hunger and flaz why don’t you go and help them? Instead you’re busy for Chaponda stories. How Malawians will benefit from Chaponda nws?

  6. The mp’s themselves has problem. Iwonder why they are so much worried with a fish,which they know its already rotten? Instead of discussing,and excuvating others who are not yet known.Chaponda’s Case is different now. All we want is to probe others envolved in the matter. No wonder,most of mps they are just dealing the matters of their families,not of nation interest. Leave,chaponda alone.whether is being shild by the president or not. His case is know to everyone. And let the ACB to do its job. It is unfortunate that even some MPS they dont know constitutions of the land. No wonder when they are in the house all they know is to oppose even if the know how important that issue is to the nation. I think ACB should also investigate some mps because they are being paid, while they have not worked,that is to say they are practising the same corruption.

  7. Atani ndi amodzi akuopa naye kuchotsedwa anachita kutumidwa anthuwa alipo gulu saliyekha chaponda ena abisala muchipande misana ikuoneka a Malawi tisamale

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