Young Kay gets credit for impressive comeback

Young Kay

Versatile rapper Young Kay has scored highly in the latest heavyweights’ music collaboration having dropped a verse described as killer by urban music lovers in Malawi.

We Run the City, a latest song produced by DJ Sley, unites giants in local urban music; Cyclone, Third Eye, Young Kay also known as Hyphen, Episodes, and Tsar Leo.

The track is to a large extent acting as a proof for Young Kay’s strong muscle in the game.

Born Francis Kaphuka, the rapper who was claimed to have lost touch with the coming of many new school rappers, is said to have beaten other artists who rapped in the song with his wonderful delivery.

Young Kay
Young Kay in Zautsilu video.

He uniquely switches between the vernacular Chichewa and English languages in which he commands fluency when it comes to answering the call of hip hop. This style puts him ahead of the rest as assessed by the audience.

Although his lyrics are an explicit attack on other artists, his fans seem to have enjoyed word after word scribbled by his mighty pen. Quoting parts of his verse in social media posts attests to the claim.

“Mafana mukumvekatu, Ana anzanu akutimukubebatu Eeh? Mpaka ufumu? Danger’tu, Fanzi yozindikira ikusekatu, Mukupengatu, munakadekhatu, Ambiri mwa inu ndaphunzitsa ndekhatu,” reads the vernacular part of his lyrics.

Kaphuka last recorded in 2015 when he was featured in Fredokiss’ Zautsiru remix. However his delivery proved not to be worth a topic of discussion because the song sold less.

Hyphen is among the greatest rappers Malawi has ever had. In 2010 he was exposed to the international stage with a performance at Big Brother Africa which was dubbed all stars.

His hit songs include Anankabango, and Zipepese. The fairy tale of the Blantyre based rapper continues to unfold.



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