MRA hits the wall again: Court not lifting order against Times Group


The Blantyre High Court has denied the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA)’s application to lift an injunction sought by the Times Group against its closure.

Last month, the MRA sealed Times Group over what it said was nonpayment of income tax placed in the region of MK1.6 Billion.

Was sealed last month by the MRA.

It was after this that court had granted the injunction to Times after MRA officials seized records and vehicles of the media group at Ginnery corner in Blantyre  and sealed the offices.

Judge James Chagona says that the injunction could not be lifted because the matter heads into a judicial review.

The MRA’s action had also faced troubles with the media house managing to release the paper the following day after closure. Its radio and television were however affected.

This had come weeks after the media group blew up a story that exposed government of making unscrupulous deals involving the purchase of maize from Zambia through the Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (ADMARC).

ADMARC had then moved the courts to stop TIMES from reporting on its corruption before lawyers lifted the injunction.



  1. Tizidyadira dziko lathu la Malawi chifukwa tili ndi Cashgate,Maizegate apa mukutiso Taxgate.. keneoko mutiwuza kuti druggate ndithu…. pomwe maiko ena ali ndi golidi dimond chamba ndizina zikuwapindulira..

  2. Court relieves Malawi’s giant media group TIMES, from the much needed TAX. So this is evidence that TIMES Group is just as bad as those being exposed for similar scandals (Taxgate) & that Malawi has nobody to trust.

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