Flames’ expatriate Coach waiting for APM’s approval


Malawi Government through the ministry of Labour, Sports, Youth and Manpower Development says the decision by Football Association of Malawi (FAM) to hire an expatriate coach for the national team will depend on President Peter Mutharika’s approval.

Minister responsible Henry Mussa said Mutharika will approve because the issue is of national interest. Speaking to Malawi’ state broadcaster, MBC, Mussa said the process will under go to various stakeholders hence waiting for the President’ approval.

Henry Mussa

Mussa ; The President will have a say.

“That process goes to various stakeholders including the Head of State because it’t a matter of policy direction now, so the documents are in my office which was submitted by FAM.

“The issue has been discussed for so long and we need to act now but the announcement will only be made when the President gives my office a go ahead,” he said.

Asked as to how long should FAM wait for the President’ approval, Mussa said: “Such a process is just a memo which is delivered to Kamuzu Palace and the President is one such person who works around the clock everyday.

“We have never had memos staying there over a week without being attended to regardless of how many memos that are in the President’ office,” Mussa explained.

The FA proposed a 50-50 cost sharing proposal to the Government for the services of the expatriate coach. With CHAN qualifies coming in the next three months, the country’ national team is without a head coach since the firing of Ernest Mtawali in August last year.

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