Flames’ expatriate Coach waiting for APM’s approval


Malawi Government through the ministry of Labour, Sports, Youth and Manpower Development says the decision by Football Association of Malawi (FAM) to hire an expatriate coach for the national team will depend on President Peter Mutharika’s approval.

Minister responsible Henry Mussa said Mutharika will approve because the issue is of national interest. Speaking to Malawi’ state broadcaster, MBC, Mussa said the process will under go to various stakeholders hence waiting for the President’ approval.

Henry Mussa
Mussa ; The President will have a say.

“That process goes to various stakeholders including the Head of State because it’t a matter of policy direction now, so the documents are in my office which was submitted by FAM.

“The issue has been discussed for so long and we need to act now but the announcement will only be made when the President gives my office a go ahead,” he said.

Asked as to how long should FAM wait for the President’ approval, Mussa said: “Such a process is just a memo which is delivered to Kamuzu Palace and the President is one such person who works around the clock everyday.

“We have never had memos staying there over a week without being attended to regardless of how many memos that are in the President’ office,” Mussa explained.

The FA proposed a 50-50 cost sharing proposal to the Government for the services of the expatriate coach. With CHAN qualifies coming in the next three months, the country’ national team is without a head coach since the firing of Ernest Mtawali in August last year.



  1. That is useless idea, malawi is not a football nation why spend a lot of monies on imported coach we can not win afcon neither world cup local coaches will keep us trying

  2. Take a local coach who understands problems faced by the country financially. Surely we have had enough embarrassment with foreign coaches, like with the former German coach who disclosed that sometimes when FAM failed to secure funding on time to prepare for tournaments they (FAM) borrowed the money from him (the coach) to enable Flames start preparations. Surely this is demeaning enough? If we can raise funds to pay an expatriate coach, let us use that money to enable the team play several strength testing matches with credible opposition before the competitive game. I totally agree with what Charles Nyirenda said on one of the local radios that aMalawi timafuna kochi wa chizungu pamene ife timachita zachikuda. Like the borrowing money from the foreign coach mentioned above. Let us hire a local coach. APM should not approve the hiring of an expatriate coach.

  3. De problem in Malawi’s Football is not Coach but FAM ADMINSTRATION0 is not good in otherways, we have good coaches already in Malawi just use them.

  4. Mmmmm, Koma Flams Siiiiidzamva!!Mpakakale. Oloatatenga amphunzitsiakumangaland 4 Kulibechingasinthike Siyiiiiiidzamvampakakale

  5. Expatrient or local coach, nothing will change, especially with the so called professionals, you mean Mozambigue and South Africa can help to develop talents to our football, i doubt, komanso when that coach is finally ushered in, teach him/her chichewa kaye inorder to comunicate with our boys well.
    Zikafutitsitsa take Griffin Sayenda to be coach for the flames.

  6. Mukudikila APM apange approval, imeneyo yamwa madzi basi. Komanso musamude Walter Nyamirandu. Okanika ndi ma player. Or atabwela new FAM President, team ya Mw sizasintha.

  7. Ndima colours aminyama a Bullets awa malawi siingawine or titatenga Conte never!! Kulibwino titabwelera ku ma colours amene tinkavala kuti tifike finals ya cosafa kawiri kaja, do you recall? I rest my case.

  8. nanga a peter anayamba amenyapo mpira ngati primary ndiyomwe amango khalira kulavura malovu okha okha, sangalore kuti mtenge coach olo kuthamanga komwe kumawavuta

  9. Bwanji mudikile kae Nyamilandu achoke pampando coz dat guy ndi nyapaphi weniweni as a result coach ameneyo azakhala ngati sadziwa ntchito yake

  10. First of all clean the FAM house,tell him that man to step down( nyamiranndu),then appoint someone who can run Fam effienciently,…then you can hire an expatriate coach,others wise he will also be a failure because of these guys from fam.

    1. How can one man lead the body for a decade like there are no fresh brain that can change things.Munthu ukakhalisa pa udindo umatasa.We need fresh blood on that hot seat

    2. Exactly brother Herbert,mr Nyamilandu must accept that he has failed to lead Fam,..are you telling me that theres no other one from walter nyamilandu that can lead fam?and bring back the happiness among the soccer lovers in malawi?..Surely if we can put inoder our house (FAM)..we can get our lost glory….i still remember kinnah phiri and kim splisnsboel.

  11. poor compay employs workers who are poorly skilled. just convice people lke leo mpulura, provided they will be able to study the positions of players

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  13. Why hire an expatriate coach when we struggle to secure enough funds for the team to prepare adequately for competitions and at times nearly pull out of competitions because we cannot raise funds to participate in a competition and have at times secured late funding from the corporate world?

  14. Jst quit in a world & continental competitions cos we get embarrassed because of your mismanagement…. Why all the power to the president?? What kind of government we use in MW?

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