Cisanet wants maizegate culprits behind bars

Tamani Nkhono Mvula

The Civil Society Agriculture Network (Cisanet) says it wants people implicated in the maizegate scandal arrested as it is disappointing that the public officers entrusted with responsibility chose to misuse resources.

This is coming at a time when Cisanet has sponsored the Parliamentary committee on the maize deal’s trip to Zambia to probe the scandal.

Speaking to Malawi24, executive director for Cisanet Tamani Nkhono Mvula said it is unfortunate that the people given responsibility of taking care of resources are plundering them.

“Our take on the maizegate with most Malawians is that the truth must be known, it’s unfortunate that people we entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of our resources and transactions on our behalf are behaving this way,” said Nkhono Mvula.

He added that those found in the wrong on the maizegate scandal must face the law.

Nkhono Mvula further said they thought it wise to sponsor the trip to Zambia by the Parliamentary committee because the issue is of great importance to the nation and that is why the truth must come out.

“Our expectations is that the MPs will meet relevant stakeholders in Zambia who have information regarding the maizegate scandal which will then help to complete the whole story, we felt that this can only happen if the committee which is doing the inquiry on behalf of Malawians can travel to Zambia,” he said.

He added that what the MPs are doing is in Cisanet’s interest and also in the interest of Malawians that is why they had to sponsor the trip.

According to Nkhono Mvula, among their roles and interests as Cisanet is to see to it that government policies and decisions in the agriculture sector are made in the interest of the people especially the smallholder farmers who normally don’t have a voice in spaces and processes that form policy.



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