Activist happy with continued suspension of Chaponda

Chaponda George

One of the activists who took an injunction to suspend minister of agriculture, irrigation and water development George Chaponda has applauded the Mzuzu high court for standing firm on its earlier ruling.

Chaponda George
Chaponda: Not recognised as Minister by the court.

The activist, Charles Kajoloweka, who leads Youth and Society (YAS) said the ruling reflects the independence of judiciary in a democratic country like Malawi.

High court judge John Chirwa on Tuesday upheld the injunction against Chaponda and further ordered the Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale to quit the case arguing that it is only President Peter Mutharika and Chaponda who can file an application to have the injunction removed.

In an interview with Malawi24, Kajoloweka applauded the ruling by high court judge Chirwa arguing that it blocks further worship of “impunity” in Malawi.

“The struggle against uncultured impunity is on the path of promise. It is a people’s victory against irresponsible governance and leadership incompetence. It is a renewed bid for a government of integrity. It is a promising pursuit of a responsible government that puts interests of the people first. Impunity must never be accorded space in our democracy.

Charles Kajoloweka
Charles Kajoloweka: This is a welcome move.

“The ruling has satisfied the desire of a democratic state as conscience of our society, we shall continue discharging our mandate without fear of favour in pursuit of a responsible, accountable, and competent government.”

”Our satisfaction is not limited to the court ruling today, but our bold resolve to stand up against growing impunity under the current political administration. No one is bigger than this great nation and its people. We welcome the sustained suspension of Hon. George Chaponda,” said Kajoloweka.

He further confirmed that they have filed a contempt of court case against Chaponda following reports of his travel to Germany despite the suspension as minister.



  1. Chaponda bwanji kuba ndala inu mukufuna kt mulelemele kwaandu ofutika galu ndinanva supichi munat andu aku malaw nsanje ai si nsanje koma wapangad molo yanu

  2. Kuvotera DPP its lyk ukutchera msampha pakhomo lolowera mnyumba yako yomwe,, ndie pot alomwe alipo ambr,,azamuvoteraso galu ameneu nd Chaponda wakeyo

  3. Not enough . push for criminal charges. Suspension will just make him a hero enjoying funds he stole. But this must be a good example that will send a strong massage to his crew.# Chaponda must fall

  4. When a child breaks a plate by accident.

    *English parents be like*
    “sorry dear, are you okay?”

    *Malawian parents be like*
    “Phwanya zosezo zinaso zili pamwambapo tenga uphwanye kuti chimtima chako choipa ngati kanyimbicho chiphwe, Nkhope ngati Chaponda, Agogo ako anayamba agulapo mbale pano, uziti choncho makutu njoo ngati fisi okuba chimanga uja…..sudyaso nsima lero”

  5. President ali nd mphamvu yochoxa nduna ngt sanaendexe bwino ntchto yake en akanaona kt chaponda olakwa akadatha kumuchoxa,, Ndye kt sakuona kulakwixa kwake

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