Man gets 20 years for acid attack which left victim blind


A court in Mzuzu has sentenced a 26 year-old man to 20 years in prison for pouring acid on a woman’s face, which left her blind.

The convict has been identified as Peter Nyundo while the victim is 18 year-old Mary Kuyokwa of Yafeti Village, T/A Mwenemisuku in Chitipa.

State prosecutor Sergeant Felix Senzani told court that the victim was working as an Airtel agent at a kiosk near St Andrews CCAP Church within Mzuzu City.

On October 17, 2016 the convict approached Kuyokwa and asked for cash transfer of K103,800 from the agent to cell phone number 0994120600 of which by evidence from Airtel it bears the name of Peter Nyundo.

After finishing the transaction, Kuyokwa demanded cash from the convict.

However, instead of giving the agent the money, the convict produced a bottle and splashed the contents on Kuyokwa’s face.

Kuyokwa fell down and it was later on known that the bottle contained acid.

The convict was arrested by a mob and taken to Mzuzu Police Station. He faced charges of committing an act intended to cause grievous harm and obtaining money by false pretence contrary to sections 235 and 319 of the Penal Code respectively.

When he appeared before the Mzuzu Chief Resident Magistrate he pleaded not guilty and witnesses were paraded. Among witnesses was a medical practitioner from Mzuzu Central Hospital who testified that Kuyokwa is now permanently blind due to the impact of the acid.

State Prosecutor Senzani prayed for stiff sentence saying what the convict did was inhumane.

In his judgment, Chief Resident Magistrate Texas Masoaphambe sentenced the convict to 20 years in prison for committing an act intended to cause grievous harm and 12 months for obtaining money by false pretence. The sentences will run concurrently.

Peter Nyundo hails from Likhalo Village, T/A Mwambo in Zomba.



  1. 20 years is not enough at all bola mukanangomukhululukila enafe tikanamusaka tikathileso acid kumaso kwakeko komabe akhale akudukilidwa popeza adzitikumbutsa ndi munthu amene sakuonayi

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  3. Analakwisa amene anamugwira munthuyo. Akanayamba kumuthira ti acid tosalato ku maso kwakeko kenaka kumpitisa ku police. In this way he could have gotten his 20 yrs plus blindness as well.

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  5. Malamulo a dziko lathu ndiokondera adakakhala kuti olakwayo ndi mwana wa mbava or wa Dr chaponda adakampasa 3yrs or chidapusa

  6. If the Court realised the effects of Sulphuric Acid & that the victim remains blind for the rest of her life, the sentencing would have been more stiffer or even a life sentence would have been given. What were his intentions in the first place to think of Acid let alone on a fellow human being?.

  7. 20 years is not enuoph he must get lifie in jail that man more than bull shit or put acid on his face and he must feel the heat as well. The man is a Satanic he deserve to die fuck him and his farmily.20 years is not justice .

    1. Inuso man ganizani mulibe zeru olo ndipang’no koma zoona chilema ngati chimenecho ungamati kuti its simple issue? Akanakhala kuti ndi mlongo wako bwezi ukuva bwanj?

    2. nkhani imeneyi ndi chimodzi modzi kupha chifukwa mkaziyo sadzigwira ntchito ina iliyonse ndipo adzifuna munthu womupelekeza komwe angapite.tikhale ndi nzeru polemba makomenti athu.

    3. are u out of ur mind?so every crime in malawi is nothing?the only crime u can see nd recognize is wht the minister did?wht if she was your blood sister,will u be commenting this?or close thd case nd tell the judge to deal with other cases?

    4. The problem with you guys you look to one side of my comment that’s y you are arguing in like that but if you could think how people in villages are struggling to earn a living I think you could not argued in that way

    5. hey u, i think your head does’t fuction well time inaye eti? r u saying dis is a simple issue? wat if it was your wife or sister? all u know is maize gate basi as if chimangacho abela iweo basi, think twice b4 u talk ur senseless arguments,,be carefull pon wat u say Demmet!!!!!

  8. punishing the person or even killing him won’t restore the victim’s sight. I think justice would be to pour acid in the perpetrators face again so that he may know fully what the fuck he as done to the woman and in that way others can learn a good lesson. 20 years in jail is like the perpetrator will not fully know what he has done

  9. Justice has never been done to the woman because she will be afflicted everyday of her life in my opinion if the court said he must give her 100000mk every month as long as the man lives that will be justice.

    1. But its that woman to carry the burden its true to say she will never earn again so who do you think will pay for her everyday needs,you will agree with me the way the system works world over is just wrong,this woman in this case like many have not received the justice until their needs were considered also,eg a man impregnate a girl say don’t send them to prison if you do who is going to support the child?but give heavy fines to the suspect,thats why we have our prisons which are over populated.

  10. many people believes that ‘killing’ is agood punshment for evil doers.the purpose of punshment is to change aperson not to violet his/her rights.if you think it is good just imagine you are the one who have committed such acrime.thanks for the justice the court have given.

    1. mmmm ati “just imagine you are the one who have committed such a crime”****Dude, why shud I even think of doing an evil thing like this in the first place? Tilibe malo for such people in our community. I like my community Ndirande coz anthu amakonzeratu munthu asanakafike ku Police… lol

  11. Kumpoto mwasukusula
    sopano,koma mwasukusula
    udyo kungonva kuti ife mafana aku south mw
    ndimadolo basi mwati
    mutengele kkkkkkkkkk!!!
    Mufela kusata

    1. ife akumpoto tikamakhala timati kumwera kuli ma company ambiri osati anthu akumwera ali ndi ma company ambiri ife kuno kumpoto MRA imatolera nsonkho ochuluka pa songwe but not us

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