DPP blocks registration of new political party


The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has obtained an injunction against registration of new political party Democratic Progressive Congress (DEPECO) over resemblance of name.

Mlenga Mvula

Mlenga Mvula: Confirmed the development.

The DPP through its legal advisor Charles Mhango argued that DEPECO has copied the name from the party and Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

Speaking on the local press, Judiciary spokesperson Mlenga Mvula confirmed the development saying DPP argues that DEPECO has copied its logo and name from other parties.

“It is true that DPP has obtained an injunction. They are saying the name resemble to that of the DPP and MCP so too are their symbols,” said Mvula.

The party is yet to comment on the allegations by the ruling DPP.

Malawi has over fifty political parties with four being major ones.

The four are DPP, MCP, United Democratic Front (UDF) and People’s Party (PP)

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