Police fault Malawians over corruption


Traffic officers get the backing.

The Malawi Police Service has faulted Malawian drivers for fueling corruption on the roads of the country.

Deputy Head of Traffic at Police headquarters in Lilongwe Assistant Commissioner McPherson Matowe said Malawians are to blame for fueling corruption on the roads.

Matowe added that many drivers in the country offer bribes to road traffic officers when they are held over offences.

“Most Malawians whenever they are involved in road offences what they do is negotiate with the officers and bribe them. They are the ones perpetrating such kind of behaviours that’s why they don’t come to report corruption cases,” said Matowe.

However, Minister of Transport and Public Works Jappie Mhango said he is optimistic that the public reforms are to help curb the practice.

In a move to reduce corruption by road traffic officers, the Malawi government directed that from March this year all penalties are to be paid directly to government through banks.



  1. My conclusion is that Malawi will never recover from this deadly infection called “corruption”. Imagine every news headline we hear of corrupt practices that has crippled every sector and worse in government institutions. Only Jesus can deliver this rotten nation.

  2. That’s bullshit…..why do they accept the money from motorist?? Munya mimba zanu ziphwela from March anthu akuba inu.

  3. Government spends alot of money training this professional criminals.Every day they are money hunters not traffic watchdogs.If public service reform can include MRA work with TPO we will raise revenue

  4. Traffic police are in public plunder using public infrastructure,sometimes they detain us for hours demanding payment without issuing general reciept,where does this money go,dis is mane laundering

  5. This country is dentied with corrupt practicises,its every where ,every department but deep rooted in the government.if you see these pple fighting for position,its not anything else but corruption.Nthawi ya zisankho amawanyengerela anthu,akangowina they dump the very same pple and start enriching themselves.God will punish.

  6. 50pin nanga ndi chani?ngakhalenso kuno RSA timawahonga a police kuti asatitumize kumudzi ndipo Iwo amalandira uku akumwetulira…

  7. pa malawi palibe wolungama police,president,maminister,acustom,opeleka ma driving licence,aimmigration and so on.

  8. Eishy guyz ita too munch just magine awas travelling to lilongwe then the police awa adzipewa dzaphalawa arest me 3times. Saw iwa decided to travel during night may be

  9. The Right Question Is: What Is A Police Officer ( Who Is Trained To Enforce The Law) Supposed To Do If A Law Breaker Offers A Bribe? Is A Bribe Outside The Law A Police Officer Is Compeled / Supposed To Enforce? Mr. Top Traffic Officer, Are You Sure You Have Proper Understanding Of What You Just Said? Hopeless Idiot!!!

  10. Traffic police gets tripple or more of their monthly salaries through corrupt practises on the roads of malawi.Drivers overload,overspeeds&overexceeds deliberately knowing that they will bride the TPO

  11. Police must have permanently names on their uniforms, names which can’t be removed, then they will be identified, sued if they demand bribes.

    • Brilliant suggestion but who would look into this Public service which has become a family Enterprise.

  12. Please, no lame excuses. Traffic Officers visibly live far beyond their salaries & their immediate bosses would have been the first to question the possibility of such but instead, the innocent take the blame. This also applies to the cost & process of renewing a Driver’s Licence, amounts paid for Road offences & Passports all giving wide room for corruption.

  13. Stop shifting blame. Nkhuku kunyera mkhola inawona nyina. If ministers are involved in cashgate,maize gate is then police practise fines road blockgate. If they are not paid that makes them ask bribe

  14. So basically, because corrupt cops use their position to bully and intimidate people into paying bribes, it’s the people’s fault for paying bribes?

    And the correct way to fix this is to report corrupt police officers to the corrupt police, and the corrupt police will have an internal enquiry and decide the corrupt police are innocent?

    Across the world people have given up on the police. They are not the good guys, they are worse than criminals. At least criminals don’t go to your kids schools and tell them they are the good guys. Corruption, money making, police brutality… Kkkkkkkk

    Proverbs 29:12 – If a ruler hearken to lies, all his servants are wicked.

  15. ‘We are paying the cops on the roads 10 km driving there is road block the vihecle s got everything but we have to giv money to the cops, please we need to love our people n our as well, we got job to abuse our law, u can’t get rich for the bribery money’

    And I quote.

    But my question is…

    Why do one have to pay the police when his/her car has all the necessary documents and is fit for the road?

    Malawian drivers should not deny this.

    It’s a web.

  16. Police British name people of little interegence cash enemies think twice after their graduate their told to corrupt and berg money so mmmmmm

  17. We are paying the cops on the roads 10 km driving there is road block the vihecle s got everything but we have to giv money to the cops, please we need to love our people n our country as well, we got job to abuse our law, u can’t get rich for the bribery money

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