MLS vows to take action on maize deal

John Suzi Banda

The Malawi Law Society (MLS) has joined other institutions in demanding for transparency on reports of dubious transactions made during procurement of maize from Zambia.

The development comes at a time political parties and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have expressed their anger on Admarc and minister of agriculture, irrigation and water development following reports of possible fraud during the procurement of maize.

In a statement signed by MLS president John Suzi Banda made available to Malawi24, the law society has vowed to follow the matter with keen interest to ensure that necessary action is taken.

John Suzi Banda
John Suzi Banda: We will not relent.

MLS has also condemned Admarc for blocking freedom of expression by obtaining an injunction restraining Blantyre Newspapers Limited from publishing articles on the maize scam.

“The Society is aware of the lawsuit commenced at High Court of Malawi, Principal Registry by ADMARC Limited and its Chief Executive Officer, Foster Mulumbe, against Blantyre Newspapers Limited and others regarding the publication of the within matter.

“The Society has resolved to apply to the High Court to join the matter as amicus curiae [‘friend of the court’] to offer its insights into the principles of press freedom, freedom of expression generally and their indispensability as far as matters of national interest are concerned,” reads part of the statement.

MLS further called for the need for law enforcement agencies that are both credible and independent to investigate the maize scam, arguing that matters giving rise to suspicion of criminal impropriety should be pursued by appropriate law enforcement agencies that have not only the legal wherewithal to undertake such investigations but also the relevant technical expertise.

The Malawi, Zambia maize deal has since sparked controversy with CSOs demanding suspension of Admarc boss Mulumbe and resignation of agriculture minister George Chaponda.

However, President Peter Mutharika has claimed that he will not take action until a report is presented to his office by a Commission of Inquiry.



  1. i fear the life of whosoever speak the truth about maize-gate…because DPP is behind it and is a KILLER…BE EXTRA CAREFUL….save Your country and SPARE YOUR LIFE.

  2. This is becoming serious i guess…but y still adamant? enquiry or no enquiry the scandal happened and poor Malawians are leaving in scandals day in n out…..only being silenced by the so called enquiries…which are there to pass the time and probably make Malawians loose interest in such important stories…. and again y putting enquiries in a country where we have an active anti corruption bureau? then seize all the tasks done by ACB and just use the enquiries when something hold up. Poor Malawians are being robbed each passing day.

  3. What if the people involved are above the law will the MLS catch up with them inasmuch they are powerful than our would they be judged?

    1. Anthony Kawinga.Ok.
      There is enough evidence on maizegate right?but last week in ntchisi a man has been sentenced to 7 years IHL for insulting his mother for 3 hours.the case took only 2 days.any strange happenings here?

    2. evidence is there but bambo lamulo liposa mphamvu kapena chuma!! nkhulupirirani zimenezi dziko likakuukila palibe amakubakila. “currently just imagine police in kasungu have arrested their own comrade for ivory deals.

    3. Anthony Kawinga.We can not refer the ones who are above the law with mere constables at kasungu police who got themselves locked up in their filthy cells.
      Money is power.
      And those with the monies have power.
      The law needs power to be enforced.
      The power that the law need is the mind.and whats behind such mind are those men with money to power the entrepretion of that law to its meaning.

    4. note that, mulungu akayalula dziko limakuukira ndipo ndalama zako zomwe zimakana kukuyimila mlandu even mulungu amaopa kukuteteza!!! wait you will see friend.

    5. Anthony Kawinga.You have an illusional concept.
      Who choose and pay the judges?the Police Inspector?where do the MLS get their funding?who choose the director at ACB or Auditor General?
      You just dont know the power of professional theives.

    6. all public servants are paid by taxpayers though the President is mandate to appoint them!!! but when it cames to sins, everyone is judged alone. “note that am also not happy with this maizegate scandal”. it is more than a war crime/genocide. i rest my case!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Anthony Kawinga.we Malawians,its not what we do that makes us dull and poor but its the way we think.
      We forced Kamuzu to have democracy now here we go.any better?
      We choose wrong leaders while already know that they are a bunch of nepotist and thieves and we here we are complaining.
      Fair enough at times this country is half full of idiots for citizenry

    8. #Masiye, we malawians are to blame most, because we keep on choosing greedy recycled politicians who has arleady masters degrees in siphoning government coffers. “lets change our mindsets and transform malawi together by selecting good people into power lather than people of personality and charm”. People of good characters are only our rescue stand by now.

  4. Yes is wat we want plz according to our Law,Chaponda must stp dwn bcz when he continue wrking he must payid so hw can we pay some1 who stl alot of money for us?.Am ask our President to fire him.If u pay Chaponda it means u stll take our money by stling.

  5. may be, but what i knw about Malawi Politicians amabakilana and these involved are very close to the president and i dont think so if he can be touched by MLS!

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