Man rapes 12 year-old girl on MV Ilala


Police in Nkhatabay district are keeping in custody a 25 year-old man for raping a 12 year-old girl inside the MV Ilala ship.

Illala MalawiPublic Relations Officer for Nkhatabay Police Station Ignatius Esau identified the rapist as Winiko Khumula who worked on the ship.

According to Esau, on 2 January the girl boarded the ship from Chilumba, Karonga to Mtchalu, Mzimba.

Khumula was one of the crew members on the Ilala ship and he offered the girl a bed to rest in the cabin. And when the girl got in the cabin, the beast found the opportunity to rape her.

Winiko Khumula is expected to appear before court soon to answer the charge of defilement which is contrary to section 138 of the penal code.



  1. The Man Is INNOCENT! 12 yr old gal analimba mtima bwanj kulowa mu room yamunthu oti sakumudziwa? 12 yr old gal amaziwa chomwe amapanga ndi chomwe chichi tike,unavuta apa ndi mtengo atamaliza sanamvane.25 yr old man keep di fire burning mu chitokosimo kkkk

  2. Ilala iz the second boat to be bult for Lake service in malawi. The first boat bult in 1875, ilala was bult in 1949, thats why they are raping each other inside the ship.

  3. Media have got two sides of the story bad and good to be published to the public, then the public reacts positively or negatively.
    Rape is evil no body accepts it to be done on his / her behalf.
    This man who works inside this crew offered this girl a resting bed and turned against this young girl till he raped her.
    What surprises me a lot is that, how come to this girly to accept or agreed with a stranger whom she met inside the ship as her dearest companion?
    How did their agreement started till she come to the resting bed privately?
    Men be warned on sex conduct as even true , clean agreement with ur partner, the issue hunts men.
    Judiciary must come with a very concrete procedures when testifying rape cases, as victims are only men, why?
    A twelve year girl is too young as to board a ship lonely, how come to be taken lightly and be exposed?
    Rape cases are always have one outcone to men that they are rapist even an agreement was there, the issue turns back ugly to hunt a man as a beast.
    Even as it was the old age woman if the agreement collapses, the victim comes a man as the rapist.
    Women always takes a higher advantages to punish a man the agreed to have sex with.
    Many many innocent men are serving heavy sentences from undone acts.

    • I’m not supporting this so called rape,but seriously others who are in jail are innocent.A little girl I understand but some other women are sleeping with boys yet if there is a disagreement they change the story.
      Some other curses a 14 years boy raped a 25 years woman how come? No truth in this world. We are all equal these days woman are more dangerous and poisoners than men

    • I Can Agree With That Bro. It Become A Rape Case When Demands From The Female Has Been Turned Down Or Promises Hav Not Yet Been Fulfilled

    • I Can Agree With That Bro. It Become A Rape Case When Demands From The Female Has Been Turned Down Or Promises Hav Not Yet Been Fulfilled

    • We real men heavily condone rape acts, as its evil, but not on other rape offenders they deserve the price to be punished by the law.
      The other side of the mater is that there are innocent individuals till to date as their side of the story was heavily rejected by the arm of the law.
      Boys and other men are also heavily victimised by adult women, but reports fail in deaf ears of the law.
      Real men doesn’t rape, but proposes.
      Real men knows how to care his family and his partner.
      Real woman don’t lie to punish your partners, solve it amicably
      Real woman don’t send your girls to men for sex in return of money
      Real men and women accepts each others interests.

  4. I’ve 2 Questions.1.Where Was The Train Heading To?2.How Many People Were In The Train?I Need Clarification Here .Im One Of The Thomas Didmus.

  5. mgwirizano umankharapo ndithu koma cimavuta ndi coti wina akakupezani. masiku ano sichodwabwitsa kuona tsikana waza ten atayamba zogonana chilungamo ndicoti anawa akumazindikira umphawi wa makolo, choncho pofuna kukwanilitsa zonkhumba zawo, akawona munthu wankuru amangomukwezera dres mmwamba. pomaliza 90% a muna muno mmalawi timagwililira polingana ndi malamulo adziko lino oti mtsikana wina aliyese below 18 ndi mwana. koma gyz mmene amaonekera mtsikana wazaka 16 ungati ndi mwana?

  6. Mukafuna Kukhwima Musakhwimi Pa Mwana Ngati Ameneyo Sanakule Kupusa Eti Ameneyo Akalowe Ndende Basi Wayfuna Yekha Amati Atani Bola Ngati Ali Manja Mwa Police Plz Musamusiye 12years stil kid wangomaliza kumene kuyamwa bere.

  7. Ana Atsikanawa Nawo Akuwonjeza Ung’ono Ung’ono,komanso Ana Am’bali Mwa Nyanja 2much Kuchenjera Mwina Unali Mgwirizano Ndimwanayo Nanga Anafatsa Bwanji Mu Ilala? Mwanayo Amatani?Amapita Kuti?Zinazi Pankhatabay Panyanya Uhule.

  8. I think he didn’t rap but they agree each other,how do think guys,win 25 win siposiyana kamkaziko kamadziwa kuti ndizogwilizana

  9. Ameneyo wogwililira akaone Mpumalanga kundende,kuti hosh hosh hooooosh Mpumalanga,ndimwambo wakundende,akuganiza kuti ndi agalu achisika eti

  10. Eish! its over,each and everyday eee man…… in nkhotatakota,eeee man…….. in kasungu,eee man in Nkhatabay, all the same story why?. it seems the North region people likes 2 much sex ne!.

  11. No negativity but I don’t understand this rape thing. How is it possible that a girl still opens up her legs and let the man in? I mean how are they overpowered to an extent that they give up defendind their pussy? Maybe coz am not a girl…dunno. Civic educate me please

  12. Nonses wat abt some1 rapes ur kid?.This man must arrested and take dat key and through in the Ocean plz.there is more women in malawi y he rape the kid?.Kupusa ndikuona ena akumatha kumakuberani ma billion mulikonko.Iwe ndiye wati nawe ugwilire mwana.

  13. Penapakeso atsikananu mukuwonjeza mwava munthu sangaleke kukugwirilani,mukumayenda pansewu mutamvala kamin mwendo uli tche kufila mpaka munthu wamamuna chida ndikudzuka,ndiye amati atani?basi apaone apo padathera mwendo kufiyila.

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