Do not throw away plastics, Malawians urged


Waste management a problem in Malawi. (Image credit:

One of the country’s environmental experts has asked people in the country and the government to recycle plastics in order to keep Malawi clean.

The expert Sosten Chiotha said that there is a need for the public to ensure that the plastics are reused.

Chiotha emphasised that everyone in the country should not fold arms waiting for others to keep the country clean.

He however said it is worrisome to note that people do not make efforts to recycle and consider it to be the responsibility of government yet this country belongs to everyone.

“It is everybody’s   responsibility to ensure that this country is clean not government’s only,” he explained.

Chiotha said everyone should be responsible by making sure that this nation is clean by recycling, reusing, and reducing plastics.


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