Malawi applauded over enactment of ATI bill


Zambia based Panos Institute of Southern Africa (PSAf) has congratulated the people of Malawi for the enactment of the Access to Information (ATI) bill, arguing that it will enable citizens to access information that is held by public entities.

In a statement made available to Malawi24 and signed by the institution’s Executive Director Lilian Kiefer, Panos has disclosed that the enactment of the bill is a step in the right direction and a strong trigger for increased citizens’ participation in promoting accountability in the management of public resources in the country.


Parliament passed ATI Bill.

“Our work in Malawi focuses on creating platforms for informed citizens’ engagement and participation in development processes. This law will enhance our work as it will create an enabling environment for citizens to access information and engage meaningfully in developmental debates and dialogue. PSAf believes that an informed citizenry equals meaningful citizen participation in fostering accountability in development processes.”

“The ATI Act compels those holding public information to make it available to citizens. With this legislation in place, PSAf looks forward to increased citizens’ participation in the country’s governance and in combating corruption, which continues to rear its ugly head in the country,” reads part of the statement.

PSAf further express optimism that Journalists are to engage investigative skills in covering issues of national interest following the enactment.

“It is also our hope that this law will contribute to strengthened investigative journalism in the country, as journalists will now have improved access to information held by public entities.”

“On our part, we will continue to work with the media and other stakeholders to ensure that information is effectively used to drive development,” the statement reads further.

For a while Malawians have cried for the enactment of the bill following reports of corruption in both private and public sectors.

Some stakeholders argued that the absence of the legislation contributed to massive plunder of resources by duty bearers.


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