People have food in their homes – Admarc claims


Admarc chief executive officer Foster Mulumbe says Malawians have food in their homes that is why they are not buying maize from the corporation.

Mulumbe was responding to questions on low turnout of buyers at Admarc depots across the nation. He said they are not surprised with the low turnout because Malawians across the country have maize in their homes.

“There are a lot of thing contributing to the low turnout of customers to buy the grain from us, we can mention of donors and some well-wishers who are doing a good job helping people across the nation by giving them assorted items including food and maize so people have food in their homes then it’s difficult for them to waste money to buy other food from us,” said Mulumbe.

Admarc Malawi

Admarc claims people have maize. (File)

He however claimed that they have enough space to keep the maize if it is not being bought in different depots in country.

“We have enough space to preserve the maize. It’s good that we keep the maize for future use,” he added In recent weeks, people have been calling on government to reduce maize price in Admarc depots which is currently at K250/Kg. It is believed that the price, which is higher than the price of maize being sold by vendors, is the reason many people are not buying from Admarc.

But government said Admarc took a loan to purchase the maize hence needed to sell the maize at a high price in order to repay it.

However, the corporation may now have difficulties in repaying if it fails to sell the grain.

Mulumbe also admitted that there will be pressure for them because they were expecting to pay back the loan through money made from the sale of the maize.

Meanwhile Admarc has advised those willing to buy maize from them that their depots are always open during the day and will not be closed despite the low turnout.

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