Analyst blames Malawi’s politics of confrontation


A local political analyst has faulted Malawi’s politics of confrontation arguing that citizens are the ones to suffer.

The analyst said Malawi’s main parties, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP), practice politics of confrontation which will not help Malawians. This comes amid verbal wars between the ruling DPP and the opposition MCP.

Lazarus Chakwera and Peter Mutharika

Face-off: Mutharika & Chakwera have been in incessant attacks.

MCP through its president Lazarus Chakwera dressed down the ruling DPP arguing it “has failed the country” by not resolving socioeconomic hardships that Malawians are sailing on.

Chakwera through his address to the public argued that persistent challenges that have rocked the country are a sign of “failure of leadership”. Reacting to the address, DPP officials described Chakwera’s speech as “groundless” saying the MCP failed to develop the country during its one party reign.

DPP spokesperson Francis Kasaila disclosed that Malawians were likely to have power shortage as they have increased customers.

Kasaila added that during MCP reign only five percent of Malawians had access to electricity hence there was no need to have power interruption. Commenting on the matter, the analyst Thindwa urged the two parties to resolve their differences arguing that Malawians will suffer.

“It’s like government cannot appreciate the criticism and the opposition not appreciating the challenges the government is going through, this is politics of confrontation Malawi has been having,” Thindwa said.