MCP faults police’s silence over Chakwera’s house robbery

Lazarous Chakwera

The opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has faulted the police for being silent on the attempted robbery at Lazarus Chakwera’s house who is the leader for the party.

Lazarous Chakwera
Lazarous Chakwera (C) had his house robbed.

The MCP through their second deputy secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka has faulted the silence arguing that the party suspects foul play on the attack.

“They are not saying anything and we are wondering what might have happened we are very suspicious with the break in and this confirms our fears,” said Mkaka.

He added that the police have failed to give an update of investigations on the matter, a development which has been described as “worrisome”.

The Malawi Police were yet to comment on the matter.

Over a month ago robbers invaded Chakwera’s residence in the capital Lilongwe but they were unsuccessful as the guards scared them off by shooting in the air.

Following the case, Police launched an investigation on the matter but up to date no arrests have been made.



  1. We have never seen an overthrow and we have also not seen an assassination of a political hope is this was just a theft attempt and not a shoot to kill our only hope for malawi.look akuti governor a reserve bank akuti we should expect more introduction of other bank note apart from 2000 if the inflation will not slow down.mmmmmm kaya

  2. Police in Malawi behaves same like government ministers trying to please their masters ….. let us just write down everything that is happening tidzabweza 2019 sikutali

  3. Nawo amwenewa akuti bwanji?Akundisausa nazo izi,last 3wks ago amakamba same story apanso akukamba izi,kodi tikadzamusakha kukhala tsogoleri ndekuti akuba onse adzidzawalipira ku ma acc ndicholinga asiye kuba?Bwanji angofatsa,popeza vote ndi anthu,kma akachulutsa fukufuku ngat thanzi pamazira eee akhalira yomweyo kwinaku Nichorus Dausi akuswa dictionary ku DPP.WAKWIYA NDI MFITI 2019 DPP once again

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