Zacc Kawalala raises concern over rude SAA hostesses

Zacc Kawalala

President of Word Alive Ministries Pastor Zacc Kawalala has expressed dissatisfaction over the way South African Airways (SAA) flight attendants treat Malawian passengers on flights.

Zacc Kawalala
Zacc Kawalala posts about SAA hostesses.

According to the pastor, Malawians boarding the South African Airways on the Lilongwe-Johannesburg route are not respected by the flight attendants.

In a Facebook post, the pastor said the SAA air hostesses speak rudely to the passengers in the flight and later when the passengers respond they say it is offensive to interfere with their duties.

He added that the most worrisome thing is that on other routes the airline has good stewards than those working on the South Africa Malawi route.

“The SAA Malawi route carries rude stewards. So you speak rudely to your passengers and then you announces it is offensive to interfere with the duties of the stewards. You can do better. The other routes SAA flies to does not have similar stewards. I know staff matters,” said Kawalala.

Some commenters also shared their own experiences with the airline.

“We had a terrible experience with this flight. We were coming from Lusaka connecting to BLZ at JNB. Their flight in Lusaka was supposed to start off at 0720hrs and the connecting flight from JNB was at 1240hrs. The flight delayed in Lusaka to 1330hrs, we therefore missed the flight from JNB. We went to the customer service center at ORT as advised in Lusaka. It was terrible. Rude staff. There was one lady there as supervisor by then. The lady can be rude! In trying to reason with her, she went a step further and told one of us ‘hey, am not your wife, just go!’And this is at customer service centre,” said Luois Mlangiza Banda.

Other commenters on the post asked the pastor to lodge a formal complaint with the airline.



  1. The Whole SAA is a shambles. They are rude and thieves.
    The staff at their Airport are pathetic. They open bags how? Nobody knows. Pathetic human beings. Malawi should do better. Ethiopian and Kenya are better for Africans.
    Wish BA flew to Malawi. Their customer service is wonderful.

  2. The problem with malawians is being to sweet. I have see lots of other nations being rude to yall and you just keep quet. Sometimes you just have to put your foot down to injustice.

  3. I too was once on the receiving end of SA airlines rudeness 5 years ago. I haven’t flown with them since!

    On a different note, I have witnessed rudeness from passengers as well…..
    – not seating still
    – talking too loud with friends usually, with demeaning choice of words whilst leaning on somebody’s seat
    – I once flew in with the national football team on another airline, some of the players were rude to other passengers by talking loud with poor choice of vernacular thinking “enafe sitimamva”!
    – I also notice that some fly semi intoxicated fueling rudeness to other passengers and crew

    My personal observation is: both sides ought to monitor their discipline in the air.

    1. jst talk about 2 much noise,otherwise their local languages is non of ur business,they hav dat freedom 2 communicate in their own language unless if there r restrictions

    2. Cabin crews are trained to be very kind and of respect to passengers, the behaviour of passengers is not an excuse of an Airline to have arrogant Hostesses ans Stewards. I know how these SAA crews behave, I have flown with this Airline several times and I dont like their behaviour, its not only on Malawi route. The other time I was connecting to another African country from OT I asked for a pen from a Hostess she refused to assist me and I told her my peace of mind. Even the ground crews at OT very arrogant disorganised and they can even steal from you if you are not careful. The best is to just boycott this Airline, I wish ET and KA were given the rights to pick passengers from KIA or Chileka to JBRG

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  5. mwaonatu ndege ndagulitsa pano mkulira , amalawi dont cry these r results of kukonda ndalama kumadalira za ena, nde simuti zifika pomakukhazika pasi mndegemo mipando ilipo, sikhanza akufuna muphunzirepo zili ngati mwana akufuna somba ndikungopasa mbedza akawedze mawa asadzapempheso, WAKE UP PEOPLE

  6. Because Malawians are too ready for a yes. We are scared for a NO! We are too sensitive to oppose Nonsense. We are cultured to coruption. We seem too dull to raise a finger. We cant dare the offender. If I may ask, pepanitu anthuni, kodi munthu waMulunguyu anapangapo kanthu on spot kapena yathu ija yomangong’ung’za kumbali. We need tell right there this z not right.
    Ine ndukuyambisa
    @SAA this is unwelcome and respect whoever iz your customer. We will not toralet nonsense.

    @zack kawalala Go and report. And give us feedback. Or never tell us complaits.
    @fellow Malawians lets jack up abale. Times are so far ahead of us.

  7. Boycott SAA basi , let all Malawians gang up and have nothing to do with this Airline, they can go anywhere but they should have no patronage from Malawi

  8. Sitinati kudandaula, you never supported to stop air Malawi from being liquidated, Air Malawi had good and professional cabin crew, despite the problem they were there but they respected passengers, itanani Magufuli adzatithandize to reopen another airline

  9. you are stupid. what i would have done is to have slapped the shit out of the hostesses when i landed in malawi. whats the point of complaining here online? kamlepo is right, amalawi ndinu opusa. #yourestupid

  10. South africans do not regard malawians as people, do you know why? zimayambira ku joni because of the odd pathetic kind of jobs we do take tikapita kumeneko….and they think we are stupid!! tangoganizani..even ku malawi kuno azilonda opanda mapepala amatilondela mmayadi mwathumu…timawalemekeza ngati? sitimangoti ah kape uyu!nde musamadabwe atsikana a ku joni akamakuonelerani..the best way to pay them back is just to ignore them,kumangogula zakudya zanu mukamakwera ndege..nayo zidzawavuta tsiku lina adzadya golide waoyo!

    1. No it not just South Africans I v travelled with malawians evn in Mozambique same story and zimbabweans are even worse at putting malawians down ulendo wina I had to talk like a mad woman at the boader ndikunyasidwa ndiulemu umene umapelekedwa ndi amalawi while someone is busy verbally abusing them. Azibambo andevu zawo kumati asiyeni athana ndi Mulungu wawo

    2. Lol a Progress not slapping but confidently look an idiot in the eye kumuuza za size yake all it takes is a smile and stiff words thats they wobt forget in a hurry

  11. they shouldn’t be employed at all.they should know where their bread on the table comes from .they need to be reported to the company.

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