Man arrested for raping 11 year-old niece


Police in Mzuzu city are keeping in custody a 54 year-old man for raping his 11 year-old niece on several occasions.

Deputy Public Relations Officer for Mzuzu Police Cecilia Mfune identified the evil uncle as Winesi Solomon.

Mfune said the girl in November visited the rapist at his home but he sexually abused her, gave her money, and told her to visit him again.

Rape “According to the girl, she used to visit the suspect frequently and each time she went there he forced himself on her,” Mfune said.

The abuse was revealed on December 1 when the girl’s parents found money in her pockets.

After being quizzed as to where she got the money, the victim mentioned Solomon and disclosed that he raped her before giving her the money.

The matter was later reported to police and the suspect got arrested on the same day.

Medical report proved that the girl was indeed sexually abused.

The rapist who comes from Chikadya village in the area of Traditional Authority Ganya in Ntcheu district will appear before court soon.



  1. apa akutiipitsira dzinatu apa
    a name zamanyazi
    anthu azikadandaula mutakafera ku ndende

  2. Yesterday that councillor did that today this dude doing this, tomorrow that gogo on the rape scandal. Mzuzu why ……………………

  3. This kind ov bhavior is too multiply in our smallest country, so what can we say about that??? One ov de answer ov delleting this common bhavior is? giving AGOGO more yrs in jail…..

  4. Enanu munangozolowera kuyankhula kopusa, atakhala mwana wanu pa 11years mungamve bwanji? Nkutheka inunso mukupanga mchitidwe omwewu kwa ana azichemwali anu koma la 40 lanu silinakwane ndichifukwa mukuyankhula mopepera chifukwa mwaziwa kuti muli gulu lomwelo, mbuzi za anthu!

    1. so wats wrong wth my comment there???cz if several occasions means she liked it.rape can not be done more than once unreported,ok,wat are u replying here?

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