Weekly abortion cases in Ntchisi worry professionals: teenagers in the forefront of seeking unsafe abortions


Authorities in Ntchisi district have expressed concern over the high number of abortion cases which the district hospital is registering.

Ntchisi district health officer Dr Grace Momba expressed the concern saying the problem is increasing everyday which is a threat to many lives since most of the people terminating pregnancies are teenagers.

teenage-pregnancy“We are receiving these cases almost every week, people come here with a lot of problem related and developed by abortions which risks them for barrenness in the future when the right time for them to have children comes,” said Momba.

She further said with the coming of the abortion bill there is a possibility that the hospital will receive more cases since most of people misunderstand the bill.

Momba claimed that beliefs in different traditions and ignorance among the youth are some of the factors leading to increase in the number of cases.

While on the same, there has been exchange of words and opinions between the church and civil society organisations over plans to legalise safe abortion.

On Tuesday, churches in the country demonstrated against the legalisation of abortion saying it is a threat to life and family.