Kanda rules Africa


A song by Malawians Tay Grin and Sonye featuring Nigerian Orezi has gone all the way to become Africa’s best hit having claimed top spot in Trace TV African Chart.

Shot in South Africa the video which was released early October and premiered on Trace, has moved slowly but surely to the pole position thanks to voters. By virtue of being the most voted song in the chart, the number one spot was inevitable.

Kanda Music Video

Kanda Music Video going great heights,

Talk of a sudden twist of events, Kanda was on 3rd position a day before conquering Africa, a signal that the continent appreciates the entertainment in it. This is contrary to its humble beginning in the chart.

The artists behind the song have expressed happiness and a word of gratitude to all those who voted for Kanda. Tay Grin and Sonye took to social media on Monday where they were responded to with congratulatory and encouraging messages by Malawians.

Malawians have applauded their artists for a job well done and encouraged them to continue flying the black, red, and green on international platforms. According to Malawians, Tay Grin and Sonye have put Malawi on the map in as far as music is concerned.

This is Tay Grin’s second video to be subject to a continental exposure through the same chart, after Chipapapa broke into the top three in June. However its stay was short lived when it started slipping to the bottom of the chart until it exited.

 Sonye is not popular with videos despite registering a number of hit songs as solo artists. As such this is his first international exposure as a singer and producer from the warm heart of Africa, Malawi.

The fairytale of Kanda unleashes amidst jubilations after Trace TV accepted more music videos from Malawi last week. Some of these videos are Magic by Theo Thompson, Angelina by Dali, Reggae is in my veins by Trumale, and Disappear by Bucci.


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