Lack of portable water hits Kasungu residents

water prob

Residents in Kasungu district have expressed concern over water problems which are affecting many families in the district.

According to reports, many women in the district travel long distance to fetch water thus they risk their lives as they can meet wild animals on the way.

The women and their families also risk contracting several diseases since the water they drink is untreated.

water prob
Kasungu residents send outcry for portable water. (Library)

Speaking on the matter, one of the women from the affected area Margret Nyirongo from Chisizima village Traditional Authority Kaomba in the district said the water problems have reached a very difficult stage.

“We wake up as early as 1am and travel long distances to fetch water, we pass through dangerous bushes, sometimes we walk along with children to fetch water when we come back the children are tired to go to school which is at the same time affecting their education,” said Nyirongo.

Speaking on the same, another woman Judith Chisale said the problem is affecting their families because some of the times their husbands go to work without eating.

One of the residents Dickson Chirwa said they took the matter to their traditional chiefs, councillors, and Member of Parliament but nothing has been done.

He added that the community suggested that government or well-wishers should provide them with boreholes at nearby areas but they have not received any response.



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