Mutharika urges Malawi police to resist corruption


At a time when corruption among police officers remains high, President Peter Mutharika has urged the law enforcers to resist the malpractice.

Police officers in Malawi have been reported to be involved in corruption while they are on various duties with the worst being those who work on the roads of this country.

Mutharika inspecting the officers.

Various international reports have disclosed that the law enforcers have a mile to go in washing away the corrupt blood in their veins due to poor salaries they get at the end of 30 days.

Speaking at a Pass out parade in Blantyre on Friday, Mutharika urged the police to resist corruption and to embrace a hardworking spirit.

“With integrity, resist corruption and fight corruption. This is your life, earn it with handwork, work hard and live your life to the full,” said Mutharika.

While acknowledging the challenges faced by the police officers, Mutharika said his government will ensure that some challenges are minimized.

He disclosed that government has now solved the mobility challenge as police stations are to have new vehicles to respond on time to crime alerts.



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  2. 9 out of 10 are corrupt. Need magic just to get to 5 out 10. Nothing to do with malipiro ochepa anthuwa. Has just become part of their job description and daily life.

  3. He himself is a big thief we are currently having so he is asking officers to stop corruption, his ministers and some who are on higher positions in government should first be the good examples to these officers, a thief can not convice a fellow thief to stop stealing!

  4. How can i refuse money when i am not paid my last month salary. That is the reason they ask for bribe. Pity teachers they is no way to get a bribe otherwise it was going to be the same.

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