DPP wants to sell Malawi – Wandale


Vocal government critic Vincent Wandale has accused the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government of planning to sell Malawi’s land to rich foreigners by introducing new land laws.

This has been raised after police mistreated several traditional chiefs in Lilongwe who went to Parliament to present their petition to opposition Members of Parliament to stop government from proceeding with the land bills saying the new laws are in favour of the rich and will leave the poor hopeless.

Vincent Wandale

Vincent Wandale: Claims the DPP is on the verge of selling Malawi.

Wandale who is also president of People’s Land Organisation said the DPP government is planning to sell this country to the rich who will buy lots of land.

“Firstly, I am worried where this country is going. The police mistreating the chiefs our fathers which is lack of respect to the elders and violation of their freedom of expression. Secondly, I want to say that I am in total disagreement with this land bill because when the land will be dominated with the white people it is like going back to colonialism so I wonder why this government still insist to go on with the land bill of which most of Malawians are in total disagreement with,” said Wandale.

On his part, leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera condemned the police for firing teargas on the traditional chiefs who wanted to protest against the land bills.

Responding on behalf of government, minister responsible for land Atupele Muluzi said Malawians need civic education on the issue since they do not understand it and they are being misled by some organisations.

He added that government will conduct a sensitization campaign on the land bills that have been passed by Parliament.



  1. South africa is a rich country but citzens are poor bkoz the land belongs to goverment,malawi is poor but citzens are better coz land belongs to them, this man has a point and we must suport him, tikazilekelera zizausa umphawi wa tazaonani nsogolomu

  2. If you are feel to stay with us in Malawi go back to your country in America because you do know our problems please just leave in peace. Do you think people are running away to go another country because of you.

  3. Wandale, Kamlepo and Winiko have one thing in common and that is patriotism. But Malawians seem not to understand them. We tend to think about them that they are mad, no, it is us instead who are mad. We will continue to suffer and cry until we come to our normal senses and realise the best way of leading a sovereign state.

  4. A wandale akunenazi nzanzeru chifukwa mdala amene akuyendetsa dzikoli ndi nkhululu yosamva. Chaponda,musa, komanso nduna zina zomwe zinagula ma thalakitala, ndi makoswe okhaokha odya za alimi. In the name of Jesus Christ they leave soon.

  5. There are many of us Americans who want to see the citizens of Malawi succeed and prosper. If we buy any land there it will be used for that purpose

  6. Wandale is right infact malawi is already sold if i may ask who owns most of companies and property here in malawi? Its Asians who does not even develop this country instead their go out with our money to develop their country…..if we don’t change we will remain poor till Juses come…..

  7. 87% wandale munthu zizikunkhuza mavuto adziko mwako osati ine ndilibe problem kapena mukambilana komko ine sizikundinkhuza akupita kt mamphunziro aja.

  8. A Wandale muli bho, bola tisave kuti nanuso akudyetsani sikono. Because mumayamba nkhani mukudzi kuti mukusaka ya nchele kunyumba kwanu, popitu ambiri mukutigulitsa ife osadziwa.

  9. Wandale has run shot of ideas.Sometimes if the law pounces on you you have someone to point out for it.#wandale is nt an activist so far he is just out of his mind!

  10. Wandale wants to be tried at the ICC,kkkkk.This guy needs to be tested with a leacking bucket of water at the Zomba mental hospital,i figure out something is amiss,help him pls

    • Nde okamuchita try ndi inuyo? The guy is too heavy for you. His knowledge ndi imene mukuchita nayo mantha. By the way he is a graduate and has a Masters Degree from Luanar. Ophunzira uyu osati openga.

  11. Wandale Is Saying The Trueth.For Example Kasinthula Cane Growers Panopa Mindayija Azungu Adatenga.Illovo Imangotenga Malo Mosatsatira Malamulo As Am Saying Many People Are Failing To Access Land For Farming.Govt Have Plans Of Selling Malawi Land To Foreigners

  12. Anzanga, nkhani ikuti Mr. Wandale akuganizila boma la DPP kuti likufuna kugulisa malo ena a ziko lathu kwa anthu obwera achuma, pobweresa malamulo osaziwika bwino okhuza malo. Kumanvesesa, munanva kuti zoti ziko lakuti lagulisidwa?

  13. Imeneyo ndiye nzeru kwabasi.Bola kuligulitsa kumene chifukwa a malawi talilephera dzikoli.Ndipo dpp ikatero iyitha kwabasi, tionepo zina apa, iyaaaa!!

  14. its better to sell Malawi to e Western or Eastern Tigers who are able to pump forex into e country and create employment,improve quality of life and education.Malawi gained independence after the fall of the federation,up to known it remains the poorest country in the world.That alone is an indication that as Blacks we have failed.Malawi needs development at a very fast pace in order to catch up with other countries.As Blacks we have failed corruption have taken the better of us.The likes of Wandale will take Malawi Norway but backwards!!!!!

    • We have failed as a nation not as blacks. Why our neighbours are progressing despite sharing the same skin colour? We don’t need to be colonized again for the sake of development, we need to change our mindset.

    • Give me african countries which are doing well.Give me Africans who have changed thier mindsets.I will be happy to know them.

    • Ok u want those pple whom u say are better to exploit Africa and leave it in peices. They must be a law that preserve citizen to benefit also on their resources. But if its benefit minority not majority then its for sale.

    • @ mkandiwire Malawi needs development,good education,quality life.Good salaries.Since 1964 Malawi has been at the bottom of the log of poverty in the whole world.For our fortunes to change we need investers from outside.In Zambia Kaunda nationalised all companies.The result was disaster.Chiluba came he called whites Zambia is now feeding you and me.In Uganda Amin chased away whites the result was disaster.Museveni comes in he calls whites Kampala city is a heaven on earth.Malawi need jobs and food on the table.It does not benefit you to sing Malawi is ours when people live in poverty.For the record Cape Town is in South Africa but is owned by the western world!

    • It’s better than to believe in thieves who have stolen and destroyed the infrastracture which the whites built.Those are partners in business.

    • I agree with you Weeklee Mwale you are talking sense. Most whites are corrupt free. They love their countries and are development councious. Ndawonga ada bwana

    • my foot!!!! Mwale you are still leaving in stone age!! azungu you are talking were there before 1964 and they were in control and malawi was the poorest among its neighboring countries!!! they failed to develop malawi!! Malawi was taken as afield place were they could tap raw materials and processed them in Northern Rhodesia. what we neeed its not azungu bt we need energetic, dynamic and visionary leader who can create conducive environment for people to thrive economically and inspire the citezens to work hard.

    • Ada Kelvin Nyirenda whether we like it or not we need investors from outside.I have travelled alover Africa
      and i have seen it with my own eyes whites are hard working they stick to the book.Corruption is not in their vocabulary.Kamuzu when he was in power his friends were whites.Why is Malawi not asking funds from fellow African countries? Malawi is poor because of corruption from our own leaders.Zimbabwe took farms from whites today Zimbabwe is a basket case.Zambia accommodated e white Zimbabweans by giving them land to farm.Today Malawi and Zimbabwe are buying maize from Zambia.When you bring investors in a country you don’t give them land or companies you lease the land for a period of time.Ada Nyirenda tel me one African country which is doing well without the support of the western or eastern block countries.Malawi can not operate in isolation we need help from outside,we need big companies to move in and do business.

    • @Moses Kamwendo thank you bro this is a forum for discussion where we share ideas.They is no need to insult one another.The world is now a global village where people have a right to express themselves without fear.

    • What is the point of having large unused hectors of land and going to bed hungry?.how long are you going to keep these unused land?sell de land to real ppo who wants to use it otherwise if you don’t you will still remain to be the poor of the poorest

    • @NkB I agree with you find people with money who will utilise the land for the benefit of malawians,but the land must be on a lease agreement.no foreign companies or individuals must own land forever,it must be leased out.

  15. mr wandale you are right,this 5years government want to destroy our forever malawi,this government come and will go,but malawi will be forever,why killing the future genelatlon?we will not let that happen,thanks mr wandale for opening our eyes,16928million people are behind you,expt those 72 mps,who dont wish well thi country,brave wandale,viva people,s land oganisatlon!!

  16. de wandale iz rit coz we r de malawianz..we bon hea.we stey hea we used our vast noleg hea..its our own land…so why we shud bought our own land??? oooo mr government u hv shown toto brutorism…lets prosper in our cntry dont hinder us by laying huge stone..poor pipo cant afod it to bot dea onwn land wandale u r true..mei b de pro iz tooo blindooooo

    • He is not mud,what he says is true.DPP ikutiyesa,coz malo agogo anga sindingalipile,Muntharika kwao sakudziwa ayi,wakhala ku america dzaka dzambiri amangoti ndiwaku thyolo koma kuti anfuse bwino za malo amakolo ake sangalongosole,so asabweretse chibwana mdziko lathu,chotukuko cha iye ndi mbuzi zinzake ali nazozo 1] kugulitsa bank, 2] kupita ku America,his home country ndi anthu more than 100, 3] kutseka ma College and kukweza fees, 4] alibe chidwi ndi wanthu a dziko la Malawi poti iye sim’malawi anangobwera kamba ka abro awo

    • Nde ngatı mukutı anabwera kamba ka brother wake, brother wakeyo kwawo kunalı kutı? Yambanı mwamulongonsola brother wakeyo kenako Peter mukatero mwına anthu akusatanı maganıdzo anu.

    • Man malota zoona mukunenazo{1} Malo a ndata inali farm ya nzungu Bingu anayigula kukhala kumuzi kwa analibe nyumba olo ya udzu {2} mafumu a ku THYOLO Bingu anawatchula ina yake kuti asunge kamwa {3} BOma la BINGU NDI PITALA limazaza ndi THYOLO WHY Azimu sunga asayaluke Boma silingakhale ndi nduna mpaka 8 ochokela boma limozi MMene tachulukila Amalawi muji FOR WHAT

    • The story here is about wandale not DPP,this land inquestion was sold longtime ago while DPP was not here,so y cant u call a tembo,muluzi n others to axprain more about this insue.Whats long with dpp about this?

    • I agree with you Sam Gee Banda. Some people rush into comments when they did not understand the subject_matter.
      The issue of land which Wandale is crying for, was there long before. For example, the LAKE MALAWI issue with Tanzania started long time ago. So, it can be shameful to blame the government of today that it is doing nothing to resolve it.

    • #Harrison,nkutheka anabadwira kuno koma choti mudziwe nchoti anthu amatha kupita kumaiko nkukakhala nzika mdziko la eni ngati atapanga citizenship,so akuluwa ndi munthu wakomwe analiko, Za m’bale wake Bingu anali around mu mdzakazo,wakhalapo pa udindo,mu Africa munonso amd 1999 aanali nka chipani chake ankangopeze tima 3 vote so chidwi cha dziko lake anali nacho osati izi ayi,awa akungodya sakuganiza za mawa,ili ndi dziko.ndipo m’malawi sanapuse nthawi ikubwera adzaziona.

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