Rabies scare in Mzuzu: stray dogs rampant in green city


There is fear rabies may spread in Mzuzu owing to the rising numbers of stray dogs which are  moving across the city daily.

According to veterinary expert Joe Msukwa, the rise in number of stray dogs is very dangerous as rabies spread quickly.

He said dogs need special care and when there is no such care it is easy for them to contract rabies.

“That’s how it goes. Where you have stray dogs in large numbers, expect rabies to spread very fast. So in Mzuzu, we are in danger because if you have observed, stray dogs are mongering in large numbers across the city,” he said.

Authorities at the Mzuzu Agriculture Development Division confirmed about the rising numbers of stray dogs in the city and how they make residents prone to rabies.


Stray dogs in Mzuzu city raise alarm for rabies. ( File image)

Assistant veterinary officer KondwaniChisu further revealed that his office has no enough rabies vaccine despite the threat of the disease in Mzuzu.

“That’s why we don’t vaccinate every dog. So the ones we leave without vaccinating are the ones that can spread the deadly disease,” he said.

On his part, Mzuzu city Chief executive officer McCloud Kadam’manja blamed the rising cases of stray dogs on people who transfer from Mzuzu to other places.

He said when transferring, most people leave their dogs uncared for thus the animals monger in town, searching for food.

“We might implement some measures but people who transfer from here have contributed to the problem.

“In fact, some people are keeping more dogs than the recommended number. This is making them fall shot in caring for all the dogs,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mzuzu residents have suggested that the veterinary office must kill all stray dogs before rabies spread in the city.



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