Government told to walk the talk on ending child marriages


A child rights activist in the country has urged government to put into action the policies it made in terms of ending child marriages.

Child rights campaigner Lucky Mbewe said Malawi usually formulate good policies but fails to implement them, and in this case  such habits perpetrate the increase in child marriages

Girls are mostly into child marriages. (Image credit:

Girls are mostly into child marriages.
(Image credit:

He however said that civil society organisations are making efforts to make sure that child marriages in the country are reduced as evidenced by reports of young girls who have been rescued from marriages by NGOs and sent back to school.

He also hailed the marriage, divorce and family relations law saying it has helped a lot in ending child marriages in the country.

However, government previously said it is making strides to make sure that child marriages are decreased as well as to increase awareness of the marriage, divorce, and family relations law.

In 2012, the UN listed Malawi as one of the countries with the highest rates of child marriages in the world as the country was ranked 8th out of 20 countries considered to have highest rates.




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