18 November 2016 Last updated at: 9:42 AM

Tough times for Malawi: Cost of living up by 27 percent

Malawians across the country are to suffer the effects of weak currency that has forced an upward pricing of goods, according to a survey by Center for Social Concern (CFSC).

The survey discloses that the cost of living has gone up by 27 percent in the month of October this year.

Goodal Gondwe

Goodall Gondwe, Malawi’s Finance Minister will not smile to this.

According to the survey, a family of six members is expected to be spending K172,519 in Mangochi in a month, while a similar family in Blantyre is to spend K175,900.

In Karonga district, a six member family is to spend K149,329 while in Zomba the families are to be spending K156,972 per month.

In Mzuzu the families are to be paying K159,806 for their basic needs with Lilongwe families having the highest amount of K185,744 for six members in a month.

Among the goods that have pushed the basket price up include maize, charcoal (due to persistent power interruption), tomatoes, and Kapenta.

The CFSC has also predicted that the cost of living is likely to go up in the month of December due to fuel price adjustment.

The unstable fuel price has led to the hike of minibus fares within Malawi’s four cities with Lilongwe residents paying from K500 to K1000 while in Mzuzu fares range from K450 to K500.

In Zomba residents are paying from K370 to K400 while in Blantyre the fare is at K358.

The CFSC carries out research into the cost of living for people in Malawi.

This is done every month through gathering information for the “Basic Needs Basket”.

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