Police round up 65 crime suspects


As we are approaching the festive season, Limbe police have tightened security in the area and this week such increased efforts have led to the arrest of 65 people.

According to Assistant Public Relations Officer for Limbe police Widson Nhlane, they have intensified security to arrest criminals who terrorise the town and surrounding areas.

Police geared at reducing crime.

Police very alert. (File)

Nhlane said on the night of 15-16 November they conducted a sweeping exercise where 65 suspects were arrested.

The operation was conducted in Bangwe, Namiyango, Kachere, Khama and Makhetha.

“We believe there is a need to tighten security during the festive season so that people enjoy it and in our course of work we conducted a sweeping exercise which has led to the arrest of 65 suspects,” said Nhlane.

He added that the suspects have been arrested for committing various offences such as theft, robbery with violence, receiving stolen property and rogue and vagabond.

Nhlane further said all the suspects will appear before court to answer charges levelled against them.

Police have since commended members of the general public for the tips they have been providing the law enforcers which led to the arrest of the criminals.