17 girls back in class in Mchinji

Girls Malawi

A Mchinji based non-governmental organisation, Community Initiative for Social Empowerment (CISE), has managed to persuade 17 girls to go back to school after they dropped out.

CISE Chief Executive Officer Andrew Mwanza said the 17 girls are back to school following implementation of a project which came as a response to the current situation of high primary school dropouts in Mchinji.

Girls Malawi
Taken back to school (Library)

“Mchinji district has education plan and for this to be achieved, there is need for joint efforts of various stakeholders that was why CISE came in with a project to contribute to Mchinji district council’s efforts of improving education,” he said.

According Mwanza, one of the girls got married but she thought it wise to go back to school and start Standard 8 at Mlonyeni full primary school after being counselled by a Mother Group through the same project.

The project by CISE has come as a response to the current situation of high primary schools dropout rates in two education zones of Kamwendo and Boma according to data that was collected by the Mchinji district education manager’s office.

The project which is aimed at implementing civic engagement to reduce school dropout rates among girls in the district is financed by Tilitose Fund, a basket fund that receives financial support from Department for International Development (DFID), Royal Norwegian Embassy, and Irish Aid.



  1. kkkkkk ana okongola ngati inu kusia shool kuthamangila ku nyengedwa basi.back to shool ndimfundo ya bwino.mwabwelera nokha osalowanso thengo plz

  2. Let us help by joining hands ands bring back the sound education of 80s and the same time encouraging girls to go back to school, in those days any girl found pregnat or breast feeding the baby was not supposed to go back to school, that is why today even mozambique is on top of malawian in terms of girl education yet there was war for over 16 years.
    Koma nawo atsikana ali kwathuku kkkkkkkkk, nkhope ngati amuna ena alawalawa mchere mkalsimo zikayendamo, aphunzitsi atoziona abale kkkkkkk

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