Poets, Poetry association clash over number of shows


Poets in the country have expressed worry over Poetry Association of Malawi’s plan to stop them from frequently organising shows.

The association is planning to meet and review its constitution with the aim of cutting the number of poetry shows held in the country.

But one of the poets in the country Hudson Chamasowa who also organises poetry events said the association is just greedy and not promoting talent and living standards of poets in the country.

Hudson Chamasowa

Chamasowa: Number of shows do not matter.

Chamasowa added that poetry is talent and business at the same time and no one has a right to stop someone to do business of his choice unless the laws of the land does not allow such a particular business.

“The frequency of the shows doesn’t matter, what matters is what people (poetry fans) want from the poetry fraternity, so I would advise the association to continue with their Chitsinda show they used to do years ago rather than planning to ban people to do the shows frequently because the shows are not done at the same place, or district rather they are done in different areas across the country,” said Chamasowa

Meanwhile Chamasowa and other poets have organised a poetry show called Tsokwe la Pakamwa which is to be held at Blantyre Cultural Centre by the end of the month.



  1. ndiye zopusa zimenezo!!! mukudziwa kale kt anthuwa sagulitsa coz of pirancy,amapeza ya nchere kudzera m’ma show, ndiye mukuti azipanga bwanji kt adye? zam’khutu!!!

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