Malawi24 Editorial: NAM should stop sleeping

The news that our Queens pocket as little as K1, 000 daily training allowance and K20, 000 winning game bonus is a worrisome development considering how patriotic the players are.

Each time, Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) blames low funding from Malawi Government through the Sports Council of Malawi.

Without mincing words, NAM is to blame for the poor perks in netball especially to the hardworking Queens who brought a bronze medal from the just ended Fast5 netball series in Australia.

The Queens deserve better treatment.
The Queens deserve better treatment.

If there is an easy brand to sale to the corporate world then its the Malawi National Netball Team but the administrators led by Rose Chinunda are failing to market such a marketable brand to companies.

NAM has no offices, has no established structures and officials from the netball association are scattered like the lost sheep without it’s master.

Who would associate with such a disorganized association? Companies are very much aware of how patriotic the Queens are but they are unwilling to support the team financially because of how disorganized NAM is.

If the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) is able to market the Flames brand, what would stop NAM from securing funds for our hardworking girls who always put our flag on the MAP?

The fact remains that FAM is very well organized and when it comes to administrative issues, they are the best as compared to NAM.

We cannot deny the fact that FAM generates money from gate collections, replica jersey sales, broadcasting rights and funding from FIFA but NAM can emulate this by selling the Queens’ brand.

Their marketing team should wake up, convince the corporate world but first of all, they should find a place where they can open their offices.

It’s just a waste of time to wait for Government funding because we are very much aware that the current Government through the former Sports Minister Grace Chiumia made it clear that ‘sports is not a priority’ and these peanuts will continue being paid to the Queens if NAM continues to sleep.

It’s a shame to see Sindi Simtowe, Towera Vinkhumbo, Bridget Kumwenda, Mwawi Kumwenda, Grace Mwafulirwa and the rest of the girls earning K1000 as their daily training allowance considering how hardworking these girls are. Let us wake up and do the right thing.

All these problems are caused by NAM. Get well organized, man up and sale the brand to the corporate world and we are very sure that companies outside there are just waiting for the administrators to move in and sale our flag carriers.

Truth be told, the team performs wonders just because the players are very patriotic and NAM should thank heavens for associating with such a hardworking team. It’s time to give the girls what they deserve. It’s now or bust.




  1. Shame on Malawi those who work hard they get peanuts and those who just seat phwii in office are the ones who are getting fat, thats why people are running away from this corrupt country and work abroad for better life. The country of oppressors shame on u.

  2. The number 1 team in Africa pocketing just that is inhumane. So the girls are doing it just for fun and as a hobby. Wake up Mussa and Co.

    1. The girls are not doing it for fun as you say. They are doing it because they are patriotic to their country. Therefore, let not take their patriotism for granted. They deserve good allowances. Sports council should know its priorities. I am of the view that netball should be our first priority in sports.

  3. Akudya ndalama ndi ACB igwile mbava zachizimaizi zikugula magalimoto,kumanga manyumba,ana ao akumapita sukulu zodula,pomwe osewera wo ali mjeee! Ukapolo pa Nyasalande.

  4. Mtundu wanji wa anthu osadziwa kuyamika? Okoma atani onga Fungwe? Kuzolowera kulimbana ndi zinthu zochititsa manyazi ngati flames, tiyeni tiphunzire kuyamika amnzathu akachita bwino, zikakometsetsa kumanyanbitira.

  5. K20pin. zoonadi? kudzipereka konse kuja zoonadi? akavulala basi career yathera pomwepo ndi ka 20pin pa thumba. boma lili nazo ndalama koma zikuthera mmatumba mmalo motukula miyoyo ya ana awa omwe akutiyika pa map a dziko lonse. chitanipo kanthu anzathu ku bomako.

  6. K1.000 kwacha training allowance en k20.000 for winning game???? Hahaha what is that??? Ingapange chiyani dola imeneyi pa moyo wa munthu?

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  8. Our netball player they deserve more than they earn but all it happens due to corrupt management look at how much our national football team earn and what they are bringing back to us as national its nothing but they are recieving more than our girls its not fair

  9. amadikira K2000 awakwezera kuyambira pa 19dec. No wonder mwayi kumwenda refused to report for national duties sometime. fullboard at work.

    1. Don’t mislead people, Mwai is a very patriotic malawian, she never shunned national duty because of little allowances but not being paid the very same little allowance.

  10. Kutsogolo kuno boma la malawi shall put a blame kwa atsikanawa,,,cifukwa they will be foacking to some other countries to search fr a better green pasture,,,things are at a coasty in our country fr the heroes like these to be earning k1000

  11. The Queens deserve nothing but the best, so give them something good for the well done job, apreciate them with more, let them be happy, apreciation is aplication for more!

  12. Chimodzi mwa zifukwa zimene zikulowesa pansi masewelo a mpila kwathu kuno ndi chimenechi.Apaseni ndalama zokwana ma Queens amatimvesa kukoma.

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  14. Koma ikadzayamba kusachita bwino ndiye mudzakondwa, tachotsani ndalama zose zomwe zimapita ku flames ndikuwapatsa atsikanawa.

  15. Dziko la malawi silikupeleka chiyembekozo chabwino kwanzikazake- kukhala mmalawi ndichitonzo ! MULUNGU chonde mulowelelepo …

  16. Am angered by NAM. Our queens are putting Malawi on the map when nothing else is failing to. That allowance should be given to the good for nothing Flames because our Queens deserve better than that.

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