Flames’ expatriate coach to start in February

Walter Nyamilandu

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has announced that the Flames’ expatriate coach will start working in February next year.

Speaking to the local media, FAM President Walter Nyamilandu said the new man in charge of the team will be unveiled next year in time for the team’s CHAN participation.

Walter Nyamilandu
Walter Nyamilandu : We are not rushing.

“At the moment, we don’t have to rush because the team will not play games this year but next year in February for the CHAN tournament.”

“As such, the expatriate coach will be unveiled in February next year just before the CHAN games,” he said.

The FA boss announced some weeks ago that the executive committee members resolved to have an expatriate coach because every top local coach has been tried for the Flames’ position hence deciding to switch this time around.

According to the FA, several applicants from Europe, North and South America as well as some from Africa have applied for the Flames’ top position which fell vacant on 1st August 2016 following the firing of Ernest Mtawali and his deputy Nsazurwimo Ramadhan who failed to take the team to the 2017 African Cup of Nations in Gabon.

Malawi finished bottom of Group L with 5 points from six games in the qualification phase.

As if that was not enough, the Flames got knocked out of the 2018 World Cup qualifiers by Tanzania.



  1. Zavutazavuta mwayiwala za expatriate”Kims Sprisbal” uja tinali naye pompano,zopusa bansi,kumangobetsa fulanga

  2. Ndekuti mukusowa nadzo zochita ma kwachawo Eti ndikadzabwela ine kumene nonse mudzalandidwa makwachawo kaya?

  3. timu yathu imalephera kumasewera ma friendly games chifukwa chosowa ndalama zokwanira, apa mukuti mukufuna kulemba kochi wakunja, kodi ndalama zolipira munthu ameneyu ndiye sizidzasowa? nanga timu ngati sidzathekabe, kochiyo simudzamuchotsanso ngati mmene mumachitira ndi a Malawi anzathuwa? kodi nanga mukadzamuchotsa contract yake isanathe, simudzamulipira ndalama zambiri? popeza paja akakhala kochi wakunja mumamupatsa malipiro ambiri, inetu maganizo anga ndiakuti FAM ilembe kochi wachimalawi ndipo anyamata athuwa azilandira ndalama zokwanira, mipira yapaubale ndimiko ena izichuluka chifukwa paokha maplayer amaphunzira zambiri kwa anzawo akunja, makochi athu nthawi zina azitumizidw kumaiko akunja kuti azikaonjezera nzeru zozama, kupanda apo ngakhale atabwera Mourinho Flames sidzatheka ndipo boma lizingoonabe ndalama

  4. Ithink its high time ,all players should be assessed their thinking capacity,we have had so many coaches but we are moving nowhere with football ! The point is our players are unreachable,untrainable,seriously does this mean all those coaches we have had could not do theit work?? N!! Our players are landlocked !!! To our players lets take seriously during training just as we do in class,otherwise its a waste of tome investing in football,ma queens omwewa basi ,nkhonya etc.

  5. Zachani mukufuna kumangoononga ndalama ndi team yongoluzayi, relocate the money to the queens. Thetsani zimenezo ndi team yomweyo anthuwo azingo mwenya tima super league tomweti kusiyana nkuti azingoonanga ndalama. Za ziiiiiiiiiiiiii mxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiw

  6. Expatriate or no expatriate coach flames shall never ever succeed if both administrative and technical issues in Malawi’s football family can not change for the better

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  8. Yes we need an expatriate Coach to guide the flames. Local coaches has been given enough time to prove themselves put they have completely failed. Malawi has never produced a World class players simply because we tend to undermine good coaches. Our quality of soccer has been compromised because we seem to know more about soccer matters when we dont know anything. Let FAM do what they see will improve our soccer, look at Uganda its one of the teams that has improved greatly because of an expatriate Coach Misho, previously they tried local coaches things were not changing. Let FAM do what is good for Malaw

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  12. Ku Malawi kuno kulibe national team. Inatha maplayer ali kuno ndi achingabwe ndi kachasu nasi. Zisiyeni zimenezo zisamatipwetekese mutu. Ngati ndalama mukusowa naxo chochita pitani mzipatala mukathandize amene skuvutikawa

  13. Public reforms should trickle down FAM.Minies at the football adminstrafion body should benefit those that enter the field of play as opposed to fam officials who are employed somewhere else and just patronise football to fatten their pockects.

  14. Zopanda nzeru ngati izo. Ngakhale mutakamutenga Sir Alex Ferguson vice wake nkukhala Wenger mothandizana ndi Zidane kapena Mourhino, Malawi singachite bwino pa mpira. Mukungowononga nazo ndalama zathu za misonkho pazinthu zopanda ntchito. Kodi ndi lamulo kuti dziko liri lonse lidzikhala ndi team ya mpira? Zitsiyeni zimenezo ndalamazo thandidzirani ma Queens osati azibambo owuma miyendo mukumawati ma Flames wa.


  16. Stupid, we don’t have a football team that represent us here in malawi, so stop talking about the flames, our economy isn’t stable nw, so we can’t spend our money on them, Malawi is well known with netball, we can’t complain if we might spend alot of our money in netball because we are enjoying its fruits!

  17. Waste of resources,plough back those funds to the national players to boost their morale.It has been tried it never worked before.FAM be innovative please.No coach enters the field of play.

  18. Mwayi wake Panadol ndi Aspirin sanasiye kupanga and kusasewela kwa Flames pakatipa i hope there is prenty in warehouses kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  19. kodi flames ilipobe??? team iyi ikutithera ndalama kunena mosabisa……olo kutenga Jose or Pep team sizatheka iyi…ma players athu satha mpira onse

  20. Waste of hard earned Malawians tax money. This munthu called Nyamilandu and his co FAM Gaters eisheeee. They job at d just to steal money, right from gate collections to funds from government and sponsorships money. No wonder you denied computerised entry money collection system at our new stadium in Lilongwe

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