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Still more hope for Malawi: Young man introduces ECD in ignored area

As a way of improving education at foundation level, a young Malawian known has introduced an Early Child development centre (ECD) in Nkhotakota district.

The ECD is known as Jenny Naylor Nursery school which is under Banonie Charitable Program a Charity foundation founded by a Malawian, Banonie Mwale.

During the tour to the area, Malawi24 had a chance to chat with the Group Village Head Musisita and he said that he is so excited to see the progress of the Nursery School in an area where they are not many.


Pupils at the ECD centre.

“People were laughing at us, wondering how we can we start a nursery school without the help of the government,” said Chief Musisita.

“Banonie told us to mould some bricks and he would help us with other things . We got 80 Iron sheets, 8 bags of Cement and today we have received numerous other items,” added Chief Musisita.

In his remarks Banonie Mwale who is the founder of Banonie Mwale Charitable Program under which Jenny Naylor Nursery school is, said that he came up with the idea of a nursery school as a way of improving education at grassroots level in his home area.

“One time I went home for holiday and I noticed that people particularly young ones are growing the same way I grew with no good foundation,” said Mwale.

Commenting on the source of funds, Mwale disclosed that he doesn’t have permanent sponsors or donors but he is the one who is making effort to make education a reality.

“I have been contacted by individuals and companies who are willing to be the ambassadors(Donors) and so far I got some individuals who have volunteered to be paying for 2 volunteer teachers and I have more people who are yet to help.” Mwale said.

The nursery school is situated in the area of village head man Musisita, Senior Chief Kanyenda in Nkhotakota district.

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