PAC eyeing Local Govt Act review to curb looting

Rev. Felix Chingota

The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has begun lobbying for the review of Local Government Act saying the amendment will help in curbing financial mismanagement in district councils.

The development follows reports of looting of millions of taxpayers’ money in some of the country’s district councils.

Reacting on the matter, PAC has disclosed that the newly amended Local Government Act will address the malpractices hence the need for the approval of the bill in Parliament.

Among others, the bill seeks to amend section 24 of the Local Government Act since stakeholders claim it currently does not hold authorities accountable arguing that top officials are answerable to the central government and not the council.

Rev. Felix Chingota
Rev. Felix Chingota: The review is important.

“Clause 13 proposes to amend section 24 of the Local Governments Act to provide that the local government service commission will be responsible for employing all persons holding the post of a grade below that of a Chief Executive Officer of a city, municipal or Town Council or District Commissioner,” reads part of the drafted bill.

PAC chairperson Felix Chingota said the review will help in giving powers to council members as top officials are to be employees of the council.

“We want them to be accountable council members. We fail to question them because their bosses are at capital hill but once they are employed by the council they will be answerable to the council not the capital hill on any dubious transaction made,” said Chingota at a PAC-Media meeting in Zomba.

The bill also seeks to trim powers of the minister of local government arguing that the powers given to the minister under the current act compromise democratic decentralization in a council set up.



  1. The country is crying, Malawi is sick, Malawi is bleeding, Malawians are suffering from a cancer of looting. Lets all join hands, let all stakeholders play a role to confront this common enemy. His Excellence the President, Prof Peter, has called upon the Judiciary to play a role in curbing this disease eating our nation, PAC is taking a step too, ACB, the police, the Prosecution Team, civil society, development partners etc…..let us play a role in this war

    I pray for peace, political, socioeconomic development of mother Malawi where citizens shall smile.

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