New Miss Blantyre attributes win to killer smile


Winner of 2016 Miss Blantyre Hanna Mhone has described her smile as the secret that has made her be crowned as this year’s Queen of the city.

In an interview with Malawi24, the successful queen said she was happy to be the chosen one and described the competition as tough considering the number and beauty of the contestants who participated in the competition.

Miss Blantyre

Mhone (C) with Khoza (R) and Khembo (L)

“Honestly it was not easy for me because when I looked at my fellow contestants I was afraid because they were all looking beautiful, they were all prepared with looking at the equipments they had for the competition and to me they all qualified for the crown but all in all I am very happy to be the champion tonight,” said Mhone.

Asked about her plans for the future as the queen of the commercial city of Blantyre, the Matindi Television presenter said she is looking forward to work on the theme of this year’s competition which is to keep the girl child in school.

“I want to work hand in hand with the society to help my fellow girls who are facing a lot of challenges in their everyday life, talk of violation and provide them with their needs in their education for the better future,” she said.

Mhone then advised all girls in the city and across the country that they should take modelling as a career because there are a lot of benefits apart from money.

She also urged fellow girls to work hard in school if they want to be successful in life.

“I am an example, for me to win this crown there has been a lot in connection with my education, I went to school and worked hard to be the kind of person I wanted to be, I know my rights that makes it simple for my future,” she said.

Speaking to Malawi24 after the event, chairman for Miss Blantyre 2016 edition Dan Ngwira told this publication that it is their wish as organisers to engage the international community in the next edition.

Daniel Ngwira

Daniel Ngwira speaking to Malawi24’s Patience Mandala

“Our wish is to see Miss Blantyre going beyond borders in terms of modelling, we want our contestants to be participating in top competitions in the world while exposing the beauty in our country,” said Ngwira.

Helyen Chiku, Maira Khoza, Priscilla Kumbambe, Iyvone Chanza, Hanna Mhone, Chimwemwe Khembo, Tawine Louis and Upile Sadik were the contestants who were competing for the crown.

But Friday night only favoured three of the models.

Hanna Mhone was crowned Queen of the city while Maira Khoza was crowned 1st Princess and Chimwemwe Khembo was crowned 2nd Princess.

This year’s edition was spiced up by performances from local urban artists such as Queen B, Steve Spesho, 2 Streets, Blaze, Dali Tech, Lulu and the comedian Mr Jokes who left people with tears of laughter from his jokes as he was leaving the stage.

The event brought together business people, organisations, Blantyre city council representatives, students from diferrent colleges and secondary schools in the city, families and entertainment lovers in the city



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