7 November 2016 Last updated at: 12:56 PM

KIA to start handling big planes

Kamuzu International Airport will now be receiving big Airplanes following the Commissioning of a 180 KV Ground Power Unit.

Speaking during the commissioning ceremony which took place at KIA, Civil Aviation Deputy Director who is also Public Relations Officer for the ministry of Transport James Chakwera said the commissioning of the equipment is a major boost to the civil aviation.

Kamuzu International Airport

KIA: Upgraded.

“We were failing to handle big aeroplanes because Lilongwe Handling Company (LIHACO) had no such machine,” said Chakwera.

He added that the GP unit helps to power the stationary aeroplanes.

“Whenever we have received aeroplanes what happens is that craft operators are supposed to switch off the plane and then we connect our GPU to the plane because there are some facilities which still need power,” said Chakwera.

KIA had been operating without GPU following the breakdown of another unit which Chakwera said was old and outdated.

LIHACO has bought the machine using company finances amounting to K70 Million.

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