Just in: MCP claims 3 sits in Nov 1 by-elections


The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has claimed three sits in the November 1 2016 by-elections with ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) getting two sits, official results from the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) have indicated.

The party won in Mchinji West Constituency, Kaliyeka ward in Lilongwe and Bembeke ward in Dedza.

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has come second by scooping two sits.

The sits are from Bunda Ward and Sadzi ward in Zomba.


MCP with three sits.

According to reports made available to Malawi24, MCP parliamentary candidate in Mchinji West amassed 10 , 667 votes to claim the victory.

MCP councillor Richard Banda of Kaliyeka Ward in Lilongwe has also claimed the seat by winning with 716 votes.

The main country’s opposition party has also claimed the councillor seat at Bembeke ward in Dedza as its candidate Wilfred Msangala made it with 2626 victory.

The rulling DPP has claimed two seats in Bunda ward where its candidate Philemon Mbale Theu has made it with 619 votes.

DPP also claimed the victory in Sadzi Ward in Zomba where its candidate Mercy Chipangula won with 404 votes.

The By-elections were held yesterday in all designated areas.



  1. MCP 2019 boma kaya wina afune kaya asafune, sitikufuna atsogoleri odwala dwala ife, osatha kuyankhula our native language (chichewa) no more foreigners to rule our country anymore, thats why they are ruling with iron fingers.

  2. ndale ndizopenga muzandivomeleza 2019 anthu amawelengatu kodi kumpoto kuli anthu angati nanga pakati pali anthu angati kumwela kuli anthu angati timenye kuti uku tipeze angati akatelo apeza answer

  3. Dpp will win the general election,remember that Mchinji is de mcp ‘s strong hold,so if mcp claims the sits for only central region,it will never make in 2019.If mcp wants to election it must also claims the sits in the southern region like what the dpp is doing.

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  5. Ife a MCP tli ndntchito kt tzawne chsankho 2019 coz malo momwe tawnamo munal kale anthu athu komanso mukaone m’mene mavoti aendera zkuoneka kt m’madera omwe tmat ndkuchmake cha MCP tkumalmbrana nd DPP koma kt tpte kumwera szmakhala choncho ndye Malawi 24 kulbwno kumatuza chlungamo kt tli ndntchito kt tzawne 2019 apo ay tzaliranso

  6. The MCP Goverment is responsible for the ecomic crisis in malawi.if you need more just comment and iwill write on public all the reasons for this

  7. Kkkkkkkkk Nde zakhalilamu zikutanthauza chani ku Dziko lathu LA Malawi? anthu chilungamo amachidziwa tere yapa Munthu sungachitenso kudabwa yapa zaenda mmene zimaenela kukhalila!

  8. I am from mchinji myself winning of MCP is not an issue only MCP shoud know by getting 4000 Votes out of 16000 thats what makes Dpp win presidency remember that MCP cant get such votes in phalombe. This is what always puts mcp on disadvantage when it comes to general elections

  9. I SAID IT AND I STILL SAY IT THAT WITHOUT RIGGING VOTES ON 14th May 2914, MCP would be my government administrators, points from unique Malawians still understands much better than these Ndataz.

    • What change in peoples life in economic and social life, has ur dumpy DPP racist government brought to Most Malawians?
      Answer is Holiday kadzanja to America
      Answer is corruption and nepotism
      Answer is no any plans for developing Malawi and Malawians, but rooting Malawi revenues
      Answer is only dividing opposition.
      Kwiya siukudziwa za Malawiyu ndi anthu ache,
      Mtshona kutsogerera eni ache mudzi, si izo tsopano?
      Wamanayo tayamba kubweretsa #Changezisinthe!

    • so you mean all the challenges which the country is facing is because of our beloved party? to me the the challenges,ithink,are because of high adult iliteracy level.we are worth in minerals such soil but you can see that most peaple who are engaging in agriculture are iliterate and facing very high losses due to climate change.so it’s dificult to develope malawi,remember the great depression which happened in USA after ww1,many goverments were overthrown due to this ecomic corrupse

  10. Koma ndimomwe zonalili mi banja lathu la mcp chisankhochi tachita bwino inu mukudziwa tili ndi nkhani ku khoti kunachitika zambiri ku mcp pakatipa moti kupambanaku ndi mdalitso!!!!!!

  11. Yah we will do better ,come 2019,akulu akale anati,ngati zinthu sizikukuyendera bwino ukuyenera ubwererenso komwe unaziyambilako,so we will Vote for first Party ~Kwachaaaaaaaa,”” Freedom! “”Ufuluu,Mtendereeeeeee. That’s good old days people MCP

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