Malawi monitoring ICC withdrawals

George Chaponda

The Malawi Government says it is monitoring reports of other countries’ intentions to withdraw from the International Criminal Court (ICC) before it makes its decision.

Government spokesperson Malison Ndau told Malawi24 that Malawi – which is a signatory to the treaty that established the ICC – will make its own decision on the issue and will not be pressured by anyone into pulling out of the ICC.

This comes after South Africa formally declared its withdrawal from the ICC saying its membership to the international court was in conflict with the country’s laws on diplomatic immunity. Burundi’s president has also signed a bill allowing the country to pull out of the ICC while Kenya is said to be considering quitting the international court.

Malison Ndau
Malison Ndau: We are monitoring the situation.

But asked if Malawi will follow suit, Ndau said the Southern African nation is currently monitoring the situation and will decide in future whether to quit the ICC.

“As Malawi we haven’t reached that extent because we are a sovereign country and we have to do what is best for us,” he said “So as of now we are watching what is happening then at a proper time we will sit down and make an informed decision but as of now we haven’t quit the ICC.”

In 2011 Malawi fell out favour with the ICC for refusing to arrest Sudan President Omar al-Bashir when he attended a summit in the country. Malawi defended its decision saying international laws make exception for presidents’ immunity when criminal courts seek their arrests.

The ICC was created to prosecute genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes all over the world but some members accuse it of only targeting Africa.



  1. Other countries are going out what are you waiting for ,Africa wake up from your slumber, it has been long time the wests intimidate us ,they want to arrest Albashia through other countries don’t they know where Sudan is in Africa ? Why don’t they go and arrest him in his country? Before that they must first arrest these Bush ,Brayor, Obama, and all the NATO and come to Africa ,these pple they have killed many lives but they regard innocent themselves, we are watching you ,the criminals of the earth ,don’t poses this word in your hands God will punish soon

  2. We better withdraw as it looks to be an African court. Let’s go to Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, Iran and other many European countries and see how their leadership is, but none has gone to ICC. What did the Sudanese president did wrong more than Syrian president? What did Kenyatta did wrong than Putin(Russian president) who is encouraging people fighting in Syria? Let’s leave this court for the Romans.

  3. Problem coming……….. withdrawing will not help, this court need good administration, all these nations that are planning to withdraw now, look at their leaders, some are criminals,theyre scared, I can see dictatorship coming after withdrawing from this so called ICC

  4. Hey,it’s not about copying and pasting,come on Malawi,I think it’s about how ICC impacts on us,sit down and evaluate it yourself……

  5. It is now very important that!! African leaders realized the system of rich white countries!!! By using Africa. Like a too!! And prandering. Afriacan. Resources. For their benfit!!!!!.

  6. Then there will be no restraint of those with power to oppress their perceived political enemies. While it’s a good move, it has grand consequences.

  7. Malawi should withdraw from this court and should not waste time monitoring it,it is a useless court established by the mzungu to oppress the African leaders who opposes their ideas.Mzungu wants to continue ruling Africa and they are the ones who funds political Violence’s.Africa has the capacity to do it in African way.

  8. I think bye & bye you are getting it! ICC is only their for African and Asian states not the West’s.They just take us as their hooks & traps,remember during one of the AU summit which took place here in Malawi under Bingu’s administration,ICC ordered Malawi’s president to arrest Sudanes Omar El-Bashir,the same issue to South Africans to do it to Russia’s Vladimir Puttin.How can a somebody betray his friend?Why are them failing to arrest the so called war crimers with their effort?Unless Bush,Obama,Tonny Brair & other terrorist factionists from the West are arrested we won’t join! Selfish West’s.Goodbye foolish ICC!!


  10. Yaaa,, thats good idea a law breaker from Africa cannot be tried in Europe or America,, really this is not true,, we have to have our own rules as africans so me I strongly support the deal without fear or any tremble . Being tried in that court means that we cannot handle issues like they do.. no no this is totally a fallacy because the books which they read to pass and become as they are today are the same books which we also read…

  11. Why sign something u dnt understand in the first place? A normal husband cant allow his wife and kids 2b displned by his neba. Thats shit!

  12. The Best Way kungosiya za International Criminal Court{ICC} bcz Europeans Rich countries r’geting advantages 2poor Countries,look @ Vidramin Putin Once he Came 2South Africa,ICC,demanded 2arrest putin 4some Criminal charges bt SA,says No’Imagine had it been South Africa have arrested Vidramin Putin Smtng could hv happen,Ndiye za ICC,anyway Maiko Osauka amakhala ngati Nyambo.

  13. Let’s withdraw from this racist court! It is just an African whip! Imagine in ivory coast case. We will rejoin when we see Bush, Tony Blair, Obama, etc are summoned before ICC on cases against humanity in middle east.

  14. ICC is meant for African leaders it has no benefits to us. It’s too active to monitor African cases. It’s better we have our own African Criminal Court ACC

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