23 October 2016 Last updated at: 10:34 AM

Malawi Govt targets parents of street kids

The Malawi Government says it is making strides to make sure that parents of street children are empowered so that they can support their children.

Minister of civic education, culture, and community development Patricia Kaliati made the remarks during the launch of guidelines for reintegrating street children in Lilongwe.

Kaliati said the guidelines are important as they will make sure that children are staying with their parents who will be guiding and protecting them.

Patricia Kaliati

Kaliati: Speaks tough on street kids in Malawi.

She claimed that this will ensure that kids in the country are living in a safe environment.

“A safe and secure environment for children is best in the growth of children and as government we are empowering people in order to support their children,” said Kaliati.

She added that the reintegration will allow government to support parents of street kids by giving them money to do businesses so that they can help their households in terms of food as well as paying of school fees.

According to Kaliati, it is sad to see children on the streets and that is why government has introduced the new guidelines to help civic educate families so that parents do not allow their children to go on the streets.

In Malawi there are a lot of children who live on the streets and despite introducing several initiatives – including rounding up the kids and taking them to orphanages or their parents’ houses – government has failed to remove many of the children from the streets.

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